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May god have mercy on my enemies, 'cause I sure as hell wont - General George S. Patterson


My Preferred Gun

Hello everyone my name is DictatorDom14, though you can just call me Dom. I've been a fan of Fallout since Fallout 3, have beat both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas numerous times, and plan on getting the first two Fallouts soon. A bit about me? Eh, I don't feel like tellin ya ;) As you can see, I support Mr. House. I find him to be the best hope for the Mojave. NCR's to corrupt, Theres potential for the Legion, if they werent as Legion...ish. I could go on about that, but as they say, friends who want to remain friends shouldnt discuss relegion or politics. With a good lieutenant by his side, I think things could run relatively smooth with House in charge.

Benny (intro)
affiliationMr. House
roleMr. House's Lieutenant
locationLucky 38
questsThe House Always Wins
All or Nothing
base SPECIAL4ST, 6PE, 4EN, 9CH, 9IN, 4AG, 4LK
XBoxLogoThis user plays on the Xbox 360.
USA Flag Pre-WarThis user is an American.
FNV Mr House ScreenThis user supports Mr. House.

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