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  • I live in the Dominion of Canada
  • My occupation is the Canadian Forces
  • I am A Man

"Take the leap... enjoy a Quantum!"

Nuka-Cola advertisment slogan
18 The Nuka-Cola Challenge

284,000th Edit!


About Me Edit

I'm a Canadian citizen;
I'm a professional soldier; and
I'm a Fallout fan of Megatonnage proportions.

That pretty much sums me up!

Fallout New Vegas T-51b

Collector's Inventory Edit

The following is a list of all the official Fallout promotional and collector's items I've acquired according to this website.

Fallout 3 Promotional Items -- 13/19, 68% collected Silver:

Real Nuka-Cola Bottle


Collectors Edition Bobblehead Vault-Tec Lunchbox 250px-FO3 Promo CD Nuka bottle opener
200px-SimTek1000 200px-BOS-in-a-BOX 250px-VDSG F3raremug
200px-Keychain Fallout-3-vault-boy-hand-puppet-promo-pax-thumb PinsPip boy 3000

Fallout: New Vegas Promotional Items -- 10/16, 63% collected Silver:

180px-All Roads Book Cover 180px-FNV Collectors Edition Case 180px-Making Of DVD 100px-Vault 21 Playing Cards Platinum Chip (Front & Back) 180px-Front and Back of FNV Poker Chips Newvegascoasters-all NCR shirt white frontPlaying cards copyFNV memo notepack

Collector Rating Legend: > 25% Bronze, > 50% Silver, > 75% Gold, 100% Plat

My goal is to eventually own all of the promotional/collector's items. If you have one of the below items and would be willing to sell to me, leave me a message in my Talk page with your offer. List in order of priority:

I do, however, have a Fallout 3 BoS-in-a-Box I'd be willing to trade (for any of the above) or sell if anyone is interested.

I also own unofficial Fallout promotional/collector items/props made by myself and other skilled fans. Pictures soon to be added.

  • Mini nuke, scale model, made with Pepakura using postcard stock.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum, scale model, made with glass soda bottle and LED light base.
  • Pork n' Beans, scale practical model, made from a real (generic) can of pork & beans.
  • Purified water bottle, made from real purified water bottle with Fallout label.
  • Mentats, scale practical model, made from a tin container.
  • Nuka-Cola & Sunset bottle caps, scale models, made from real bottle caps.
  • Radioactive Gumdrops, scale model, made with Pepakura using postcard paper.
  • ED-E, miniature model, made from plastic, metal, and acryllics
  • $20 NCR Banknote, scale replica, made from printer paper/ink, courtesy of Wiki-wordmark
  • Fallout 3 mouse pads, fan made (x2).
  • Various Fallout posters (some promotional(?), some from magazines, some self-made)
  • Microfusion cell, scale model, made with Pepakura using postcard paper.
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla, scale model, made with glass beer bottle.
  • Sugar Bombs, scale practical model, made from real cereal box.
  • Fallout: New Vegas "Mojave Wanderer" T-shirt, fan made.
  • Cram, scale practical model, made from real (generic) luncheon meat can.
  • BlamCo Mac & Cheese, scale practical model, made with box of real (generic) mac & cheese
  • AEP7 laser pistol, scale model, made with Pepakura using postcard stock.

Work In Progress

"Big Boss" cigarette pack - Atomic cocktail - Bottlecap Mine

Great Nuclear War Commemoration Day Edit

October 23rd, of the year 2077 was the pinnacle moment in the Fallout universe when the Great War began and ended setting in motion the proceeding events of all the Fallout games that we love so much. Therefore, I declare this day and every proceeding 23rd of October as the Great Nuclear War Commemoration Day!

War war never changes v2

As part of the occasion, I would like to share some information and a film regarding my favorite U.S. nuclear weapon tests - Operation Upshot-Knothole Grable!

"Upshot-Knothole Grable was a nuclear weapons test conducted by the United States as part of Operation Upshot-Knothole. Detonation of the associated nuclear weapon occurred shortly after its deployment at 8:30am PDT (1530 UTC) on May 25, 1953, in Area 5 of the Nevada Test Site. The codename Grable was chosen because the letter Grable is phonetic for, G, stands for "gun", since the warhead was a gun-type fission weapon. It was in the form of a shell, or artillery-fired atomic projectile (AFAP), the first of its kind.
Grable was the second of only two gun-type warheads ever detonated (the first was Little Boy, the weapon used against Hiroshima; all other atomic weapons were implosion-type weapons). The shell, designated a Mark 9 nuclear weapon, had a diameter of 280mm (11.02 in), was 138 cm (54.4 in) long and weighed 364 kg (803 lb). The M65 Atomic Cannon from which it was fired had a muzzle velocity of 625 m/s (2,060 ft/s), for a nominal range of 32 km (20 mi), and weighed 77 metric tons (85 t).
Atomic Cannon Sequence in HD02:26

Atomic Cannon Sequence in HD

The detonation of Grable occurred 19 seconds after its firing. It detonated over 11,000 yards (over 10 km, 6.25 mi) away from the gun it was fired from, over a part of the Nevada Test Site known as Frenchman Flat. The explosion was an air burst of 160 m (524 ft) above the ground (7 m (24 ft) above its designated burst altitude), 26 m (87 ft) west and 41 m (136 ft) south of its target (slightly uprange). Its yield was estimated at 15 kilotons, around the same level as Little Boy. An anomalous feature of the blast was the formation of a precursor, a second shock front ahead of the incident wave. This precursor was formed when the shock wave reflected off the ground and surpassed the incident wave and Mach stem due to a heated ground air layer and the low burst height. It resulted in a lower overpressure, but higher overall dynamic pressure, which inflicted much more damage on drag sensitive targets such as jeeps and personnel carriers. This led strategists to rethink the importance of low air bursts in tactical nuclear warfare." -Wikipedia

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