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Ever wonder what a fellulator unit is? Wonder no more!

User Hola

Frankenstein Assault Rifle!

Click here to see this amazing new Fallout: New Vegas weapon!

My weapons

I've created two mods that add three weapons to Fallout 3. Check them out here!

About me on this Wiki

I revert edits. I revert them often, for fun, but only as needed. Sometimes I don't leave a reason why I reverted the edit; this is especially true for anonymous editors. If I reverted your edit, and didn't leave a reason, feel free to ask me why if you really want to know. Just post a message on my talk page and I'll get back to you about it with a message on your talk page. Be sure to sign your post with ~~~~ so I know who to get back to! Or ~~~ works too, but don't use ~~~~~.

I'm also a modder. Not one of the awesomely skilled ones like Oscuro or Luchaire, but a modder nonetheless. What this means for the Vault is that I know my way around various modding tools, mainly the GECK, and Fallout 3 Edit (FO3Edit)/Fallout: New Vegas edit (FNVEdit), which allows me to delve into the game files and extract the answer to questions or disputes regarding facts about Fallout 3 or New Vegas.

Party in the DC Ruins (video)

Party in the DC ruins00:52

Party in the DC ruins

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Thanks for watching over the Vault! Nukey (talk)

Some random videos

DJO - Happy in Paraguay02:46

DJO - Happy in Paraguay

A cookie for everyone!

Digital cookie means everyone gets the whole thing, no one has to share!

User Cookie for Everyone

Carl of Duty: Black Cops

User Carl of Duty

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