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July 18, 2009

Welcome to my user page. I am Dalercoder, a big fan of Fallout 2 & 3. If you want information about Fallout: New Vegas just ask on my talk page!

Interesting StuffEdit

I became a fan of the fallout franchise on July 7th 2009, when I got Fallout 3.

I Preordered Fallout: New Vegas the day it was announced.

I have the platinum trophy for BOTH games.

I only have a PS3 I got a PS3 AND Xbox 360.

Where to find meEdit

What, so not only you want to torment me on this website, but you want to to torment me on PSN and Xbox Live? Fine.

PSN id- dallercoder1

Xbox Gamertag- Dallercoder

Steam id- Dallercoder

And you must tell me that you're from the fallout wiki otherwise i will DECLINE!


Seriously, or I will hire Talon Mercs to kill you. Okay, enough with the jokes. Leave this page alone.

hey isnt your picture the adoring fan from OBLIVION?

YES it is.

Want help on Fallout 3? ASK ME.Edit

Because I have 96% 100% Trophies on the game which makes me a better gamer than you.

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