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My Games Edit

I play Fallout 3 for PC & PS3.

My DLC's Edit

I currently have Point Lookout & Broken Steel

My Characters Edit

I have two Fallout 3 characters at the moment one for each console.


  • Name: Conner.
  • Race: Caucasian.
  • Characteristics: A Mercenary/Gun for hire.
  • Level: 23
  • Armour: Reilly's Rangers combat armour & helmet, Lucky Shades.
  • Weapons: Combat Shotgun, Backwater Rifle (Point Lookout DLC), Frag Grenades and a Sniper Rifle turned Gauss Rifle using The G.E.C.K (Garden of Eden Creation Kit).
  • Followers: None.
  • Karma: Very Evil.
  • House: Abandoned Tent/Megaton House.
  • Pip-boy/Text Colour: Green
  • Difficulty: Very Hard.
  • One Liners: I hope you brought your wallet, Because the rent in Hell gets paid in advanced!,

You call that a gun, this is a gun!.


  • Name: Ninja Pwnage :P.
  • Race: Asian.
  • Characteristics: Stealth Class/Ninja.
  • Level: 19.
  • Armour: Chinese Jumpsuit & Hat, Sunglasses.
  • Weapons: Xaunlong Assault Rifle, Vampires Edge, Silenced 10mm Pistol.
  • Followers: None.
  • Karma: Very Good.
  • House: Megaton House.
  • Pip-boy/Text Colour: Blue.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • One Liners: I'll use your skull to sharpen my blade!,

Mercy is for people with no guts, a lot like you. (shoots in stomach).

I there is anything about my characters I have missed just say and I will add them --Con230 15:36, 18 August 2009 (UTC)

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