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Lets just say that this guy will pwn you, take your stuff, and move on to the next unfortunate person that happens to be in his way. Though he does have a soft spot for Feral ghouls...

Feral ghoulThat's right. This guy likes ghouls. Is that a problem?

CannibalHe is also delightfully insane.

Chinese assault rifleXuanlong: my favorite gun. You wouldn't catch me without it.

Gun NutThis idiot has made 349 edits. It ain't much, but it's somethin'.

CyborgAll your base are belong to us!

Ps3pwnageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps3This user plays on PlayStation 3. PWNAGE!



-Best damn combat armor around.

-When that hot wasteland sun beats down on your head, you'll wish you had these.

-She'll do fine without it.

-Makes me popular with the ferals.

Most Used Weapons:

-This thing is insane.

-When you absolutely, positively have to shoot a super mutants head off from a mile away, accept no substitutes.

-The hammer of Thor in gun form. Yes, its godly.

Favorite Locations:

-Its where I live and I'll defend it till I die. You can expect resistance from my family, too.

-Nice people, nice bar. What more can a guy want?

-Smells bad, but good place for ammo.

-Ever sense the ghouls moved in its been better.

-Safest place around.

-Flak 'N Shrapnel's. Gun heaven.

-Its a disgusting, smelly, ghoul infested swamp...whats not to love!

-Being a slave sucked, but the raiders saw how badass I was and made me one of their own.

-Dead vault. Nice place to explore. Bring ammo!

-Got me Blackhawk. What a hellhole.

-I kinda miss that place...

-The people there are dicks!


-What a creepy little girl...


For Those Who Want It...Edit

If you think the stuff about my character is pointless, I don't care. Anyway, here's something for everyone who actually wants to get something out of this page:

I found a way to get infinite 5.56 ammo, stimpaks, radaways, and grenades from Protector Casdin at Fort Independence. First, you'll need to get the Victory Rifle from the sniper's shack. Then, go to Fort Independance. Make sure you are hidden. Shoot Casdin's weapon while it is holstered with the victory rifle. Casdin will fall onto the ground, but will not be dead or hostile. Before he gets up, you need to get to him as fast as possible. While he is still on the ground, you can take whatever you want from his inventory without him turning hostile. You can then give it back to him for your selected reward of either 5.56 ammo, stimaks, grenades, or radway. You can repeat this process an infinite number of times without Casdin dying or becoming hostile. I did this on PS3, so I'm not sure if this will work on 360 or PC. It will only work with the victory rifle. It'd also be wise to save your game before you try this. I've actually got 210,874 rounds of 5.56 ammo using this glitch.

About MeEdit

My real name is Paul Compeaux. The last name is French. I live in Galliano, Louisiana and have a Cajun ancestry (my screwd up accent shows it). I'm 16 years old, and I'm a big fan of the Fallout and call of Duty series. Other games I enjoy are the Resistance series, Prototype, the Mercenaries series, and a bunch of others I cant remember. My PlayStation Network ID is pc1894. If you wanna get owned in Modern Warfare 2, then come add me. =P

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