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I'm a recent fallout fan (played 3 but NV got me interested) I own a PS3 I'm not much of a talker but I'm willing to talk if your willing to listen I will sometimes make spelling errors so don't be surprised if there's one. As my picture may show I support NCR dispite their flaws (their current leader being one) and hope their ending is canon but I won't be too fuzzed if not.

Fallout 3 Edit

A good game dispite the flaws I started seeing once I played NV but I found it fun regardless. I agree that they should have come up with a different storyline than a mix of 1 & 2's and some plotholes did leave me sracthing my head but I had a good time in the wastes so I'm fine but for a game that's meant to be taken seriously I rarly could.

Difficultiy 5/10 (10 the difficulty was prefect 1 was way too easy or too hard)

Story 3/10

Gameplay 7/10

Visuals 6/10

Charathers 4/10


Operation: Anchorage

The only reason to play this is for the action and reward (mind you I throught the reward was a little much) the story and charathers aren't important, just like COD play it just for fun

Difficultiy 7/10

Gameplay 7/10

Story 2/10

Visuals 6/10

Charathers 2/10


The Pitt

Liked the story and setting but felt short and a little too easy (on hard mode) but I can forgive something too easy as long as the story was good. while the charathers were more grey I wish they expanded on it more

Difficultiy 2/10

Story 7/10

Gameplay 5/10

Visuals 8/10

Charathers 6/10


Story was far too simple 'you've beaten the enclave now finish them off' the sidequest were more interesing to me and the new enimies were okay at first but when you become visual unkillable and alot of things take 5 minites to kill each the game becomes tedious.

Difficulty 3/10

Story 2/10

Gameplay 3/10

Visuals 4/10

Charathers 3/10

Point lookout

I have to say just like the pitt I love the look of the place I just wish the story was just as good The main problem I have is that you find yourself in the middle of something you know nothing about at the start and end. The whole part of someone taking a part of your brain was the only good part of the story.

Difficulty 6/10

Story 3/10

gameplay 5/10

Visuals 9/10

Charathers 4/10

Mothership Zeta

I'm quiet confused why they decided aliens would be the last DLC but anyway again I don't care about the story but I'll admit I like looking around the ship they did put more effort into the charathers but the lack of story and the annoying difficulty made this DLC quiet boring

Difficulty 2/10

Story 1/10

Gameplay 2/10

Visuals 7/10

Charathers 4/10

Fallout New vegas Edit

One of my favorite games so far mainly because it's not black and white with each major faction having it's ups and downs and the writing makes me care about what happens and with everything overall being an improvment over fallout 3.

Difficulty 9/10

story 10/10

gameplay 9/10

visuals 8/10

charathers 10/10

Dead money

Some people love it some hate it, I personaly love it the major selling point being the charathers each of them felt real the place itself was interesting to learn about I wanting learn as much as I could about the place the only problem I found was the lack of enemie varity but it's a nicpick.

Diffculty 8/10

story 9/10

gameplay 7/10

visuals 8/10

charathers 10/10

Honest hearts

At frist I was disapointed however after playing a second time I liked it, the place itself felt good and I liked exploring the place but the charathers apart from 1 weren't that strong in my opinion the story itself was okay but I seriously wish an option to help the white legs was available because it would be nice to see what they were like apart from skilled killers.

Differculty 8/10

story 6/10

gameplay 8/10

visuals 8/10

chartathers 7/10

Old world blues

I have to say this DLC had me laugh a lot. The story got surpisingly good towards the end, the place itself had me wanting to explore every last bit of it. I really loved the charathers and they all stood out from each other. The challange was great and felt fair. overall A fun, funny and challaging DLC that was worth every penny.

Differculty 10/10

Story 8/10

gameplay 9/10

visuals 8/10

charathers 10/10

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