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June 6, 2011
  • I live in England
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is Tester
  • I am manchild
3 oranges! from vicki n vance

at last! it took me bout 2 hours 15 at vicki n vances casino! screen photo off Xbox.

I've now played Fallout 3 and F:NV more than any other game in my life! - including all these first person perspective games: Doom on SNES back in '95, Doom64, GoldenEye64, Half-life, 2 n ep 1 & 2, Kingpin -does anyone remember that?, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Doom 3, Halo, 2 n 3 n ODST, and Gears o' War 1 & 2 and soon 3.

Before i played F3 i thought Half-life , Unreal Tournament or Gears was the best game ever, well certainly fallout series is my fave now but the gears series is pretty close!.

I was a head shot king on UT (PC) literally 20 headshots once in a row on the map with two opposing towers in space using my MS Intelipoint Explorer mouse mk1 with custom button mapping in one hand an a pc 6 button game pad in the other! they used to say to me u cant use a game pad for fps?! uh well i did! and now thats all i use, and my back thanks me for it!.

mottos and shhhtuffEdit

this is for things i've actually created, realised or used from life on my way sumwhere in the grey wasteland or in the virtual desert.

"Play it where it Lays". -i came up with using this saying during f3 and also used in fnv to stop me reloading because of what i might have missed out on or if i did'nt get everything all my own way in a situation.

"Just pick it all up and stick it in the first container near the door, sort it out Later." -in order to maintain sanity you must know this by now.

"If my Eyes start Stinging, its Bedtime."

"Flameing when not Gameing and Gameing when not Flameing."

My current status in F:3 for XBOX360:Edit

Level 30. on Normal. always on Normal. legitimate death count: bout 25ish? total.

everything done, all addons done, SPECIAL is 10 9 8 6 10 9. skills all 100 percent. used mostly same perks i use in F:NV. My first playthrough (good character) took near 1800 hundred hours over 6-7months RT before i was done with everything and lost all interest. The second and so far last playthrough took over 0440 hours at least which took only three 'n a half months to do everything and be done with it, then the very next day (end of march '11) i loaded up F:NV which had been sitting on top of my xbox games stack since December 2010! i knew it was full of bugs so waited as long as i could so i'd have all those lovely updates waiting for me straight from the start.

The only thing left to do is another (3rd) playthrough to get 1 missing alien recording, do the 4 bad karma level 'chevies and the enslave 3 or 4 unique characters for paradise falls quest that i morally objected to doing on my good and neutral playthroughs. -huh, no morality in games, think again!.

My current status in F:NV for XBOX360:Edit

I'm Level 50 and have got up to the point where you have to commit yourself to a faction and piss off the other factions as in i have the Platinum Chip but intead of giving it to Mr House or destroying him and his group... I've decided im keeping the Platinum Chip for myself ...for now. i have all the three main factions setup right where i want them. around about that point i decided to give the add-ons a go, downloaded HH an DM but decided the outdoors would be nicer than being enslaved, and just taking one look at that bunker i knew i'd get a lock-in. so did honest hearts which i really enjoyed cause i was a much more outdoorsy person a few years ago, still am at heart.

Then i did OWB which was nuts and clever at the same time but very taxing strategy and combat wise. it crippled me financially, went in there with 50 grand came out with a 1000 caps, effed-up armour and more loot than the traders (THAT WORK) in the mojave have caps for! At least i have about 50 weapon repair kits and could probly make about 200 more if needed! they should do a outfit repair kit - needle, thread, fabric an so on. repairing that unique armour be dear son!

so now ive decided to do DEAD MONEY! , which is tough but interesting, while i wait for LR. When i met The DOG/GOD mutant character and had the introductory conversation with him, it was the most sinister moment i ever had playing Fallout. done, got 5 gold bars out an a loada other bits i was more interested in like armor but ran with 300pounds instead of using any forcefield glitch and also got the confront elijah achieve. i'm just gonna keep the gold bars for prosperity and to look at.

Lonesome Road... what are we waiting on... this damn chainlink fence to open up! or that bus wreckage to suddenly be swept away! half-right. wow! boy howdy it sure is tuff going on this road/divide, slow progress so far. being vey cautious cus i hate dying. died 4 times tho by 4 defclaws, was level 47, adv.riot gear - Swipe, Swipe. count em 2 swipes and dead! now thats tough! one of em jumped out a nowhere from behind me! ...scared the **** out of me. enjoying the whole journey, not rushing just to see the end. good add-on tho. no complaints. only two crash so far! I saved them all, thank you Eddie2.

I'm all done with my first playthrough! 931 efn hours!, 'bout 200hrs spent collecting and lugging items back to the motel, just in-case i needed them. well next playtru (which will be later, lot later), i know exactly what i need and how much of it, and where to go. but for now i'm just gona mess about a bit , from my save before the big battle. i told Legate Lanius to "sling 'is hook!". those legends about Lanius are fullashi* man! i hit him twice with a superheated saturnite fist, and Roni finished the job with 2 or 3 Rawr swipes, and there he was face down in the dirt!. My courier will be remembered as "The Diplomatic Solution where possible". time to rest for a bit.

Well, falloutboys n girls this is it for about 2 to 3 years 'till "Fallout SanFran" comes out. i hope they save it for the next gen consoles. (Xbox3D?)

i'm getting old i can't push through the tiredness barrier like i used to, i think i'll retire from HC gaming when i'm 35, then i'll give RL: Ambition 2 another shot.

lols ...haa.

--CDEagle147A "jesus cripes theres a thousand pigs!!" 05:40, October 9, 2011 (UTC)

My current stats in F:NV:Edit

Level 50! on Normal from start to finish.

legitimate death count:---- 20 now, really! after playing F NV since april 2011. my first death was when i encountered my first nightkin/dark green SupaMutant near Nipton near where all the centars hangout, i think he had a minigun, sumthing big anyway. totally underestimated how hard these guys might be, a lot tougher than my first greeny mutant in F:3 i got him with a load of bottle cap mines. had a bad death in OWB, shot in the head at medium range by a lobotomite while i was crippled and hobbling on my way back to the sink. last four deaths all by defclors in LR, 1st of these 4 was to do with a certain type of vehicle holidaying accessory. the next 3 of these last 4 deaths was in a very green 'n clicky type of place.

As of the 9th of October 2011: in game date is 10th sept 2283. Highest Cap count to date: 175000. -the sink, the divide, repair kits and jury rigging will make us all rich!!!

I have fast -past- the 930th hour! now.

SPECIAL: 10, 10, 9, 8, 10, 7, 7. -including apparel bonuses to P,E, and C.

Skills all at 100%. ....yes made it! fully skilled char by lev 48, close!. has any one managed to get a fully developed, "100percent 100percent" character yet? thats 100% all skills and 100% maxed SPECIAL attribs!

Perks i have are: Aboninable 3, Adamantium, Agility implant, Animal Control 3, Better Criticals, Big Brained, Bug Stomper 3, Camel of Mojave, Cardiac Arrest, Charisma Implant, Commando, Comprehension, Concentrated Fire, DNAgent, DNAvenger 2, Educated, Endurance Implant, Finesse, Free Radical, Ghost Hunter, Grunt, Heavyweight, Intense Training (8), Jury Rigging, (taken at Lvl50) tip: take asap and save on arthritis. Legion Assault, Lord Death 3, Luck Implant, Machine Head 2, Math Wrath, Nerves of Steel, Pack Rat, Perception Implant, Power Armour training, Ranger Takedown, Reinforced Spine, Scribe counter, Set Lasers for fun 2, Sniper, Strength Implant, Strong Back, Sub-dermal armour, Tag! skill probly Survival skill, Toughness 2.

Traits i have are: none not even wildwastland, gonna use that with hardcore mode next time round like maybe a year after im done with this playthrough and Gears3! oh by the way gears 1 and 2 never crash like even 10+ hours in any mode i have never had a crash or freeze, even with all those players droppin in and out of co-op mode while in play!.

--CDEagle147A "jesus cripes theres a thousand pigs!!" 05:45, October 9, 2011 (UTC)

My favourite load-out/load-up:Edit

Chance's Knife, Love n Hate, if needed a Fire Axe or a Chainsaw.

'Dat Gun, A Light in Shineing..., .44 Magnum Revolver mod, .45 Auto pistol fullymod.

Vance's 9mm SMG.

The All-American, Laser Rifle fullymod, Christine's Snipe Rifle, Gobi Desert snipy rifle or a Sniper Rifle fullymod.

Tri-Beamer or Q-matter Plasma Rifle, Riot Shotgun or Dinner Bell.

Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun (very cool) fullymod, and if needed a Mini-Gun fullymod or Gatling Laser fullymod.

6 frags, 6 incendiary, 6 plasma grenades and Thump-Thump -never used it.

The Bear Jacket, Elite Riot Gear, Ulysses Jacket, Wasteland wanderer outfit.

Daniels Hat and Elite Riot Helmet, Hazmat Night Vision, Authority glasses.

A Fresh Apple, a ton of other bits'n'pieces that every one else has, packs of cigs, some Potato Crisps, a tin of Greasy Pete's Sausages 'n Beans, Fancy Lads snack cakes, a Sarsparila and a Nukacuka! ....thats my lunch basically!

and i used to have Rex following me (even though his physical condition creeps me out!) but ED-E's the Man now! and if needed Veronica (with Superheated Saturnite powerfist) or sometimes Arcade. sorry Cass u just don't fit my needs. Raul's best left in his shack and Lily's just, well, erm...

sometimes i wonder... if this game was real: Cass and Veronica might really be getting on with each other when i leave them alone together at the lucky thirty eight! haa!

CD's favourite Wikia pagesEdit

this is the greatest gun to appear before my eyes:

  • The All-American its nearly identical to a certain type of M4 Carbine.

don't scratch my authorities, you damn Deathclaw!

my favourite handgun:

my favourite song from Fallout:

CDEagle147A -"Swindon, The Eagle has landed!"

--CDEagle147A "jesus cripes theres a thousand pigs!!" 05:52, October 9, 2011 (UTC)

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