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Here ish a gallery of all of the GIMPs that I have made/that have been made for me.
Click on the images to see them full-size. Enjoy! :3

Emilys Brush Gun "Insomnia" - My Brush Gun :) / First GIMP.
Emilys This Machine - Chris "Reconnaissance" - A modified This Machine. ^-^
Emilys Service Rifle - Scar "Tiger Rifle" - Scar's Red Tiger Service Rifle ;3
"Bliss" - My banhammer from Jasper. :)
TheFly "The Fly" - The anti-materiel rifle Jasper made me. :3
Butterflies 10mm SMG 2
"Violence" - My purple tiger SMG by Sam.
Yef&#039;s Sniper rifle Suppressor "Midnight" - The sniper I stole off Pat!
"Roo" - The Aussie boxing gloves Pat made. n_n Australian Boxing Gloves
Awzumgun "ButterflyKiss" - The adorable rifle Pat made. :3

I needed to leave these somewhere so yeah. (:

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