Brotherhood of Steel Paladin

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FO3 super mutant behemoth

Zalphon's Prey of Choice...Behemoth

Fallout 3 Army Power Armour

Zalphon S. Broodikus, Brotherhood of Steel Paladin

Power Armor TrainingThis User is a Brother of Steel.

                       "If I had a bottlecap for all the ghouls, behemoths, and super mutants I have killed, I'd own the entire Capital Wasteland by now."  
                       "Jacob was a treacherous fool!  He was friends with a super mutant!"  
                       "Beer is for alcoholics, now Nuka-Cola, thats the good stuff!"  
                       "Psycho, Jet, Mentats, they all are for druggies..."  
                       "You hear about that Lone Wanderer guy?  He killed Colin Moriarty!"  
                       "Hey, super mutant, did you know my plasma rif---oops, I already turned you to goo."  
                       "For the Brotherhood of Steel!"  
                       "You know, my foot up your...nevermind, I will just shoot you."  
                       "A ghoul?  You say you want to live?  Sorry you shouldn't of been irradiated!"  
                           "Wow, I am glad I bought some Nuka-Cola, because that sure hurt!"  
                        "Joy, ugly blood and no Abraxo Cleaner, just great!"  
                        "Next ghoul I see is going to get a plasma rifle shot so fast, he'll be like 'wha'"

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