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I started playing Fallout 3 in late april of 2009 and was hooked to it from the first time I've played! Despite his flaws and big holes in the story, is an addictive and very good game. Also, it was my first Fallout game...

Then only after I've played Fallout 2 and 1. To be honest, the graphics did not aged well, sometimes is hard to play the game until you are used to. In contrast, the first Doom (or Doom 2), Syndicate (terrific game from that "frog" company), Deux Ex or the first Call of Duty are still nice to see, even if their engines are considered "obsolete". I'm not a graphic whore, BTW, and I think this lasts words also denote my age. LOL

What I like in Fallout games is the sense of humanity on them, you are not a super-human trying to save the word or some sort of alien marauder trying to conquest something. You are simply a "guy" or "girl" sucked into a situation that you don't have much control. And that's the whole beauty of it! I am an old timer regarding to games, but only recently I became to like the "RPG" genre, before I almost only played action, adventure, FPS, TPS or fligh-simulators.

I think because of that I don't dislike Fallout 3 too much like the old timers of this series. Oh, I can quote every problem with the game, beginning with the story, wich is passable at best. But the feeling of the enviroment and how the game suck you in...oh, Fallout 3 deserves a mention for it! And for those asking, I liked Fallout 1 much more than 2 or 3.

Then it came New Vegas...

This game was needed and needed badly. The Fallout universe was becoming a mess, without much connection and consistency between one game and another. The things are wrapped up so beautifully, that every other game - including FO3 - can be considered "cannon" now. Sure I can point A LOT of flaws on it, but the sense of commitment in making this game make this flaws forgivable.

And that's why I'm here, trying to help to make this 'Fallout encyclopedia' better.


Meet Carolina Amok Edit

Carolina Amok
She borned in Klamath and enlisted in the NCR at the age of 17 and received two months of training before being dispatched for the Mojave. She was serving at Camp McCarran, had her share of fights and promoted to corporal for saving the Sharecrops Farms from an attack some Fiends organized with the objective to burn the farms down while the detach was on leave.

Her squad was grossly outnumbered in that fight at 4 to 1 rate and for that she was awarded with a Bronze Star Medal and would be transfered for Ranger trainning.

Before transfered for trainning she was dishonorable discharged after killing one sargent, one tropper and crippling for life an lieutenant who wish to engage in "friendly relathioship" with her.

Unfortunately the lieutenant was a Brahmin baron's son, so she spent almost an year in NCR prision before being released.

After that she tried working in a tannery and grindery, but became dissatisfied with the work. Failing that, she tried the water and booze business. Even fixing guns in a workshop she tried to finally realize her good skills are operating weapons, not fixing them. She then became a sucessfull mercenary, usually working for large trade companies like the Gun Runners and Crimson Caravan. Latelly she's working with the Followers of the Apocalypse, but are almost leaving because of their strict rules.

While in the Followers she studied various works of Mikhail Bakunin, Oliver Cromwell, Thomas Hobbes, Proudhon, Thoreau, Emile Armand, L. Susan Brown and Emma Goldman. She even found some texts of Valerie Solanas. This readings had a tremendous impact on her.

She's very bitter about the way NCR military treated her and the whole wash out, but she knows that an entire Republic is not to be blamed for the misconduct of some of his people. This doesn't stopped her for hunting down some NCR Rangers for the bounties, but she gladly accept the ones for Centurions of Caesar's Legion. This make'd her reputation with the NCR being somewhat mixed and CL hates her.

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