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My Rules of FALLOUT (1,2,3 and NV)

  1. Cardio.
  2. Double tap.
  3. Beware of bathrooms.
  4. Bobby pins are good for more than hair style.
  5. You gotta shoot 'em in the head
  6. Enjoy the little things.
  7. Avoid Enchiladas.
  8. Kitchenware is your friend.
  9. Rocket jump, Bad Idea.
  10. Scoped hunting rifle = Win.
  11. Avoid Nuclear weapons like the plague.
  12. Avoid the plague like the plague.
  13. Call shotgun, always.
  14. When in doubt, know your way out.
  15. Travel light.
  16. Blades don't need reloading, unless you throw them.
  17. Analysis will save your life.
  18. Take care of your weapon, and it will take care of you.
  19. Low profile.
  20. Keep your friends close, and your enemies in your scope.
  21. Grenade Jump, See rocket jump.
  22. Shady sands shuffle, Best idea ever.
  23. Radio announcers are not to be killed.
  24. If it's bigger than you, you need a bigger gun.
  25. Don't die.
  26. It's completely normal to not move for hours on end.
  27. MIRV jump, Have you learned nothing?
  28. Mines do not make good pillows.
  29. Never be afraid to get your hands dirty, just wash them afterwards.
  30. V.A.T.S Is your friend.
  31. Save the holy hand grenade for mutated rabbits.
  32. Conserve ammo.
  33. What doesn't kill you, usually succeeds on the second attempt.
  34. What does kill you, kills you.
  35. Dont stop believing, hold on to that feeling.
  36. When negotiations fail, resort to shotgun diplomacy.
  37. Know when to run away.
  38. If you know more than your enemy, exploit that knowledge.
  39. The craps table at the Lucky 38 is rigged!
  40. Decadence isn't easy, is it?
  41. House always wins.
  42. Hugh Laurie always wins.
  43. Giant Mushrooms are not your friend.
  44. Bean bag rounds HURT!
  45. Be careful who you let give you a shave.
  46. Robots make terrible Cooks/Doctors/Housekeepers.
  47. Shape charges make good lockpicks.
  48. Always keep track of your companions.
  49. Contrary to popular belief clowns DO taste funny.
  50. Riots make good distractions.
  51. If the bartender offers you a brompton cocktail, refuse.
  52. Vault 106 is a great place to vacation.
  53. Get used to dry weather.
  54. Drink Nuka Cola, bottlecaps have to come from somewhere.
  55. Trust no one, not even the voice in your head.
  56. Never be afraid to do something reckless, just have an auto save ready.
  57. Be open to all culinary possibilities.
  58. Talking to a tree doesn't neccesarily mean you're insane
  59. The mutated toe WILL NOT kill Frank Horrigan in one hit.
  60. Against a horde of cannibals, power armor makes you little more than canned food.
  61. Brahmin tipping is more fun than it sounds.
  62. Surprise attacks only work once.
  63. The N99 will never let you down.
  64. God mode is for wimps.
  65. Enjoy your stay!

I shall miss this wiki, but on to the new one!

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