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June 14, 2010

xbox 360 gamertag: blakebutters

i am a fallout addict. i spent hundreds, possible thousands of hours playing fallout 3 but ive beaten fallout 1,2,tactics, and BOS(all great games). in both fallout and oblivion ive made dozens of accounts(i think its up to 18 for fallout 3 and about 17,18,19 somewhere in that region for oblivion). ive got all uniqe items(literally) in both with minimum npc deaths, ive done glitches to get uniqe stuff without killing the owners, for example i put the vault armor on lucas simms(its better than his stuff and i dont need all of it in my house, itll just sit in a drawer all day anyway). i have 10 of all special and 100 of all skills in fallout 3. i have fallout 3 with all addons for xbox 360 and i bought the survival addition(the one with the pipboy) when i bought it on the pc. on hardcore(fnv)ive always hated how water was just to heal you, and i think il like having stimpaksthat heal over time, and if your actually good at fallout, then after the first 3 hours of gameplay doctors are useless unless you use drugs which i never do. also sleep was pointless except healing and moving time forward, now sleep deprevation comes into play, also who has ever gone to Gary's Galley or The Brass Lantern? and who ever bought from iguana bob in fallout 1? exactly. the only negative thing is the weighted ammo, i love carrying thousands of spare shots, now i really cant. plus not only is it more realistic, and preferable in general, you get an achievment for using it the whole game.

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