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The Old World is not dead, It lives in the flag that I carry. And I will not put it down till the day I die.

— Alex
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Alex is a soldier for the United States Armed Forces. Little is know about his origins but few have speculated that he may have been a member of some paramilitary group. This would explain why he has the military knowledge and hardware to match his position that he has given himself. Though he has never been seen In game he has watched over the newcomers that arrived at the military bases and throughout the ruins of the cities.


Raised in the care of his wealthy mother and father he has taken an interest in the family legacy of becoming a soldier in the New California Republic Army. As the years had passed he took it upon himself to become a member and begin training as a grunt for the NCR. Asking for no sympathy because of his position of wealth he was beaten and trained mercilessly to become the soldier he is known by.

He soon found himself dispatched along with his platoon to a military installation for guarding the base. As time passed he grew tired of his position and began looking for reasons to be removed from the base. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months, and word began to spread throughout the battalion of a old symbol that appears on a item that rumored to be called the flag of the old world. eventually the platoon was filled with talks of the symbol and it had finally reached the ears of Alex. Not being able to bare the weight of sitting around anymore Alex took action and began smuggling data from the NCR with information on the "Old World" looking for a way out.

After several months of reading through Holodisks and notes Alex came up with little information other than the words used over and over, "United States of America" and the location of a small settlement called The Divide. after finding the location of the Divide just beyond the Rockey Mountains Alex left the safety of his base in search of the community. Weeks passed and Alex's excursion brought him to the boarders of the NCR. Eventually he was captured and used as a slave by the Caesars Legion. Alex spread word within the slave community of the Old World Flag. Helped by a Legion Recruit that had heard of the symbol by a soldier in the Legion Alex escaped captivity and was refreshed and supplied with food and supplies to continue on his journey.

Eventually Alex followed the Highway towards the city of New Vegas hoping to stumble across the city. Along the Highway were lines and lines of billboards for restaurants casinos and hotels in the region. One had the logo of the United States of America flag that followed a large road over the horizon. The road lead to a large town surrounded by the symbols of the Old World. And for the first time in his life Alex had a place that he could call home.

Alex made himself the only soldier for the defense of the town and took a Armor set from the nearby military base dubbing himself "The last soldier." During his time at The Divide he made friends with another man who came from the west much as Alex did in search of the Divide. He did the same as Alex did and decided to wear the symbol on his back instead. After a few months Alex had built quite the reputation with the people of the community as more of a town sheriff than as a soldier, stopping robberies and dealing with disputes amongst the people. It became apparent that the Divide was in the sights of the NCR and the Legion. Both began to send troops into the area. tension grew to a breaking point and Alex was caught in the middle without the help he needed from his friend. As the fighting broke out between the NCR and the Legion Alex took arms along with the townsfolk and began to fight both sides for a brief amount of time. Eventually the ground shook and began to collapse beneath his feet, Alex along with the townsfolk, NCR, and the Legion were pulled down into the depths of the divide and was promptly knocked unconscious.

He awoke at the edge of the divide looking beyond to see his home destroyed. Without any idea as to how something of a large magnitude as that were to happen Alex began to look throughout the Divide braving the sandstorms and creatures that were released for clues as to the culprit. Savaging through the wrecks he only discovered the revealed missiles buried deep beneath the divide. assuming that it was some sort of freak accident he had no choice but to continue on his journey east that he had began months ago.

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  • It is assumed that during his capture and torture by the Legion is why he grew hatred towards the Religions army.
  • It is unknown as to why he had left the NCR but one assumption is that he believed that it was always better in other places than where he was.

Notable quotes

  • "I have no assistance just the flag watching over me."
  • "The Old World is not dead, It lives in the flag that I carry. And I will not put it down till the day I die."
  • "Power comes to those that are willing to take it, and they hold it only if they have the strength to do so."
  • "With fire and sword I will take back the land that belongs to me."


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