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Personality and behaviorEdit

The most immediate feature of Billy Ocean is his horrid ghoul mask. He spends the majority of his time in the wastes wearing it, but does occasionally take it off. When he does remove his mask, he has the ordinary face of a middle-aged man that lives comfortably. Ocean is also commonly seen in shiny glasses, antique wigs, and a variety of heavy coats, despite the scorching weather of most post-War environments. Those few who know Mr. Ocean well enough to spend time with the man without his mask say he is constantly smiling, usually in an irreverent way at an inappropriate time. He speaks with a cheery voice that is slightly high but he has demonstrated mastery of a wide range of octaves, including a deep bass and piercing shrill.

Those who have employed Mr. Ocean, or the rare L&A co-worker, claim he works tirelessly towards the completion of his jobs, and is constantly smoking. The source of his pre-War cigarette and cigar supply is unknown, as is the origins of most of his training, equipment, and reading material. It is very rare to see Ocean without a cloud of smoke, or a book in his hand. If he isn't reading, or smoking, it's a guarantee Billy is reporting in to his mysterious superiors using a walkie-talkie of unknown make.

L&A AdvertisementEdit

The following is a bizarre paper advertisement found pasted on the walls, rocks, and even the grounds of the most obscure and lonely corners of the wastes:

Did you kill someone, and have absolutely no regrets? But you still have to deal with everyone running around, spouting off nonsense like "murderer", "favorite pet-killing, child-killing, shaman-killing bastard", and "jerk", huh? No more worries, thanks to Littlehorn and Associates! We now have an expert on staff who can verbally guarantee that, pending a small one-time fee of 90,000 caps* and a little elbow-grease*, within one standard wasteland week you'll have everyone treating you like the saint you are!

Did you bust up a group of raiders trying to destroy a caravan, and now they're out to get you? They probably scream stuff like "die you gooodie two-shoes little shitcunt!" and "Cut his head off!", huh? Sounds scary! And potentially embarrassing! No more worries, Littlehorn and Associates is always looking out for the good guys! We have an expert on staff who can verbally guarantee that, pending the completion of a brief* payment plan and some paperwork*, within a standard wasteland week every scumbag in a thousand miles* will be heading for the hills at even a hint of your shadow!

*Fee maybe as high as 500,000 caps

  • elbow-grease can mean but is not limited to the following: accidental death, intimidation, enhanced interrogation, flat-out torture, poisoning, rough-housing, impersonation, assassination, bribery, pinch and tickle, dentistry, filing and sorting of papers, forgery, debauchery, painting, "tattoos", needlework, bartering, or theft.
  • payment plan may last up to a year
  • caps, lots and lots of caps
  • can be limited to an area as small as a street corner, or the local hollow.


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