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Hello, I am Big McLargeHuge, and I have been playing Fallout ever since... Ok, I cannot remember. But I had no clue of the Fallout Community. I thought I was just the only person playing some obscure Interplay game. Infact, I thought it was the stupidest game in history. Then I actually played it.

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Fallout AnswersEdit

Administrator, in charge of deleting crap and banning idiots.


My home wiki. I have done alot for this wiki, back when it was only 200 some-odd articles. I had rollback power. I was an admin, then got demoted to rollback again. Then I got promoted again.


I was dropped from Admin and Sysop on the F.E.A.R. Wikia, due to inactivity. Now I'm back, then I'm gone.


Despite my name, I don't do much with the MST wiki. I try to help with what I can.

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Just being a good guy. Cleaning up and stuff.

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Looks like the law has been set in the old west so to speak...

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At present, I own the following Fallout Games:

Currently playingEdit

New Vegas

Game RatingsEdit

  • Fallout: 95-98
  • Fallout 2: 90-95
  • Fallout Tactics: 75-80
  • Fallout3: 89-95
    • Operation Anchorage: 85
    • The Pitt: 90
    • Broken Steel: 95
    • Point Lookout: 85
    • Mothership Zeta: 75
  • New Vegas: 98

Favorie ModsEdit

The mods I like are ones that integrate seamlessly with the game, as if they were made and shipped with it.

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Fallout 3Edit

New VegasEdit


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Nukey Award

POW! Ha ha!



Funny bush

Heya Democrats, kiss mah keister!

Michelle Bonilla


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