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Fellow wastelanders, I reveal myself to you now. I don't have much to say about myself today other that I'm Watching you... and I plan on helping enhance all of the Fallout: New Vegas pages (and those of its add-ons) that I can (for that is the only Fallout game I own... for now). I have recently purchased Fallout: New Vegas and have already fallen in love with the game and, because of this wiki, its unique and detailed storyline (I.e. Divergance, Retro-futurism, etc.). During my gameplay I have used this wiki multiple times as a sort of free game guide (which is pretty much its purpose). One day I noticed that I could contribute to this wiki in some minor ways and thus I have, prior to making this account, edited some pages. Now I have decided to become a 'member' so I can both record my insights and gain credit thus following. And if I seem a little grandiloquent and pompus in my speaking, I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude but for some reason I type using more flowery words than I usually do. At lst its bttr thn wrtn lk ths...

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