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March 26, 2011

I own every (released) Fallout game, and must say that I like New Vegas the best. It took the good that was FO:3, and mixed in the settings of FO and FO:2. I know people complain about what Bethesda did to FO, calling it a post-apocalyptic "Oblivion" with guns. To which I reply: "wait, this is a BAD thing?!?" Oblivion was awesome, FO:3 kicked ass. Interplay made two amazing games, (one okay one (FO; T(BoS))and one steaming pile of brahmin dung that was FO;BoS) but they couldn't run a business! At least Bethesda had the good sense to bring in the Interplay/Black Isle alums that are Obsidian.

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