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Concept StatusEdit

Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle (Fallout and Fallout 2)

Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle Concept

Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap) (Fallout 2)

Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap) Concept

2mm EC

2mm EC

M72 Gauss Rifle

M72 Gauss Rifle Concept

Small Energy Cell (Fallout2) Top Down View

Small Energy Cell (Fallout 2) Top down view

Small Energy Cell (Fallout 2) Front View

Small Energy Cell (Fallout 2) Front view

  • I am currently working on concept drawing of a CMR billboard. But since their are no pictures of the monorails or billboards it may take some time.
  • I have made a concept drawing of the M72 Gauss rifle.
  • I have made a concept drawing of the PPK12 Gauss pistol from Fallout 2.
  • I have made a concept drawing of the 2mm EC projectile & battery pack.
  • I have made concept drawings of the Wattz 2000 Laser rifle and its modification the "Recycling Chip".
  • I have made a concept drawing of the Wattz 1000 Laser pistol and its upgraded counterpart the Magneto-laser pistol.
Magneto-laser pistol (Fallout 2)

Magneto-laser pistol Concept.

Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol (Fallout and Fallout2)

Wattz 1000

Weapons ObservationsEdit

Pistols / RevolversEdit

  • Colt 6520
The Colt 6520 (10mm pistol) from Fallout & Fallout 2 may be a Automatic Revolver due to its Revolver Cylnder.Also it is stated that it was the most popular pre-war civilian pistol but it is nowhere to be found in the Mojave Wasteland. While in the Mojave Wasteland the most popular civilian pistol, the M&A (9mm pistol) is nowhere to be found in both areas pertaining to Fallout & Fallout 2.
FNV 12,7mm Pistol

12.7mm Pistol

Gauss rifle

The ammunition clip is on the right side (side shown) along with the crank. On the left side is where the MFCs are inserted. The butt stock is removable.

  • 12.7mm Pistol
The 12.7mm pistol (SIG-Sauer 12.7mm) should load its rounds in the cartridge in front of the trigger, not in the handle like the other automatic pistols in New Vegas. Thus making it mechanically feasible. This pistol is the same model as the 14mm pistol but its chambered for the 12.7mm (50 caliber) round.

- A feasible explanation on how the SIG-Sauer 12.7mm Pistol works: A handle with a internal support is needed due to the large 12.7mm / 50 caliber round's pressure on the (in this case wooden) grip, so it doesn't break when firing. The cartridge is in front of the trigger and above the trigger is the large firing pin seen in the animation when reloading. The air compensators on the side of the weapon reduce the recoil. Therefore the pistol is a (in this case semi-auto) Blowback system.

For some reason no one will allow a Notes section on how the 12.7mm Pistol New Vegas. First because "so what, just because the original pistol that this is based off of did that doesn't mean that this should" YES it should that's how it would work to make it mechanically feasible, and NO it is not speculation its reasoning. Then because "No real gun references, unless that's its name" YES that's its name its based off of, designed, and assumably made by the same company who made the 14mm pistol SIG-Sauer check its description and SIG-Sauer's description itself.

Since the Plasma Defender in Fallout: New Vegas looks like the upgraded version in Fallout 2 would it be to much to assume that the regular Plasma Defenders are the upgraded version turned standard? And that the upgrades in F:NV prove that its come full circle (or that its about to) in its development once again?
The reload animation is wrong. Notice how when the Courier opens the cylinder, you don't press the cylinder release on the left side of the frame, behind the cylinder? Also you flipping the cylinder shut isn't a reliable way to close the cylinder.

Rifles / RepeatersEdit

  • The Gauss rifle in both Fallout 3 and New Vegas are said to electromagnetically propel rounds down the barrel but in practice just use MFCs a single one per-shot in Fallout 3 and multiple in New Vegas.
  • The Gauss Rifle in both Fallout 3 & New Vegas use a series of 11 electromagnetic coils to propel its projectile down the barrel but the YCS/186 uses 15.

-How do you insert multiple MFCs in a slot for one MFC? AND what is the purpose for the crank on the side of the weapon? To reload the clip on the side?

Magnum Repeater?

Superior Holorifle Models

-From Elijah's radio signal - "Wish I... still had that damn Holorifle. Spent forever making it..."


"Mark I" Holorifle

-From Elijah's dialogue files - "It is a Holorifle, a weapon I constructed when I arrived... I have since made superior models - and modifications."

-From Elijah's dialogue files - "Big Empty's a treasure box, a scientific graveyard of Old World misery. Like the Sierra Madre... there's treasures there, sleeping. Some, awake. The Holorifle, the Saturnite alloy... the hologram technology, hibernation chambers, Securitrons, the collars...even the suits attached to those things stalking the Villa... that's only the surface of what's there."

-From Elijah's dialogue files - "I fashioned it from the Holograms of the Villa and used it against the Villa's... living inhabitants."

-Why does the Holorifle have a hammer if the rifle is an energy weapon? I'm very certain that MFCs (batteries) don't function like bullets (Id est primer, propellant, casing, projectile,etc...).

Submachine gunsEdit

  • If the 10mm SMG (Fallout 3) (Fallout 3 & New Vegas) can be considered the standard for US Armed Forces, (Due to it being prominently used in Operation: Anchorage and perhaps more importantly the Anchorage War Memorial.) Where due the 12.7mm submachine gun and the .45 Auto submachine gun fit in? Also would that make the 9mm submachine gun (Fallout: New Vegas) a relic of World War II?
  • If the US Army used the unnamed 10mm SMG as standard SMG, why would an armory have stocked the .45 SMG? By comparison isn't the design obsolete? Especially for a Retro-Futuristic America? (Data from Honest Hearts.)
    • Perhaps the 12.7mm submachine guns are from the armorie(s), and the .45 submachine guns are from the New Canaanites, them being made using old schematics and using the .45 Auto same as their standard side-arm.
    • Then that would finally make the Laser RCW be a energy weapons replacement for the Submachine gun category. Perhaps even the a replacement for the Gatling laser if they increased the ammo capacity and its durability. (See Below)


  • Why don't any of the Power fists need to be recharged/reloaded? After all any weapon that needs power or ammunition would have to be reloaded somehow, eventually. It would make more sense to add this necessary feature to future games.
  • Saturnite fist super-heated, if the metal is so hot that it glows then how doesn't your arm get hurt?
  • What are Super sledges used for? Tactical insertion, through walls and defenses? Why not some kind of Shaped charge?

Energy Cell (FNV)
Displacer glove
Zap glove
Paladin Toaster

"Nuclear battery"
Greased Lightning

Shotgun shells
Ballistic fist

Self propelled granades
Two-Step Goodbye etc.

Name Dmg/Shot DPS ATT/sec Proj # Spread Crit % Mult Crit Dmg Shots in V.A.T.S. Mag WG AP Cost DMG/AP Durability Value ATT REQ
Laser RCW 15 135 9 1 0.08 x0.05 15 3 60 4 20 2.3 1995 shots 2150 Energy Weapons:50 Strength:4
Gatling laser (Fallout: New Vegas) 10 300 30 1 0.6 x1 10 12 240 18 30 3 7624 shots 6800 Energy Weapons:100 Strength:8

Other ObservationsEdit

Armor / ClothingEdit

  • Why do the Non-Aligned T-45d power armors have the Brotherhood of Steel's insignia on the Shoulder Pauldron in stead of the U.S. Armed Force's?
  • T51b, & newer models should have a survival skill boost. "Additionally, like the T-51b power armor, it includes a recycling system that can convert human waste into drinkable water, enhancing survival."[1]
  • Why do "armor(s)" with light under shirts and ripped pants have damage threshold? EX. Raider armors, Bombshell armor
  • Why not make all US Armed Forces Armor & Clothing, be a disguise for USAF robots/computer securities?
  • Why does the armor rip like clothing instead of cracking and bending like metal would, when you blow off a limb?
  • Mark II Recon Armor unit and their armor modifications.- Owyn Lyons/Bowditch conversation(s)[2][3]

Ammunition / BatteriesEdit

  • The weapons in New Vegas that use the Microfusion cells use the Cells themselves as ammunition. Unlike Fallout 3 where individual MFCs have multiple shots depending on the weapon. (As an actual battery would).
  • The weapons in New Vegas that use the "Small" Energy cells use the Cells themselves as ammunition. Unlike Fallout 3 where individual SECs have multiple shots depending on the weapon. (As an actual battery would).
  • The Electron charge packs are also used as ammunition instead of the batteries that they are in both Fallout 3 & New Vegas.
  • Shouldn't the Rocket (Fallout: New Vegas) be longer? To better fit the Rocket canister.
    • The Rocket canister should work like a re-loadable revolving cylinder rack.
  • Depleted uranium rounds - Jake (Hub) sold them before 2242. Wikipedia:Depleted uranium[4]

Stats Items / ConsumablesEdit

  • Having the ability to heal Companions / Allies with chems, food, antivenom, etc... other than stimpaks would be very useful.
  • After crafting meals/items like the Caravan lunch you should be able to keep the non-perishable items. Ex. the Lunchbox.
  • Where does Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor originate from? Does its name imply that its post war? There is no in game reference to substantiate ether claim.
  • A more realistic way for the creation/modification of stimpaks should be created. Ex. stimpak to auto-inject stimpak with a sensor module & a replacement gauge also maybe a purchasable syringe.
  • Maybe next game Junk food should be changed, Ex. its own image like doughnuts instead of the Potato crisps image & it only decreases starvation & doesn't do any thing for AP or dehydration.
  • How is it not cannibalism to eat Blood sausage(s) & Red Paste(s) from Ghouls & Humans you kill with the Them's Good Eatin' perk?


-There are 5 different kinds of Corvegas known in the Fallout games, the Atomic V8 a two door model, the unnamed four door model, the unnamed and only billboard advertisement mentioned (this image is also a loading screen) two door bubble top model, the (flattened and rounded with intake protruding engine) Original, and the (large blocky engine) original Corvega from the original Fallout intro.

  • Classification of Corvegas

-The Original Corvega is classified as a 2 door Sports Coup.

-The Unnamed four-door would be a Sedan.

-Since the Atomic V8 is a reference to the engine, I would classify it as a Muscle car otherwise why would you make it a main marketing feature. EX. 1970 BOSS Ford Mustang - 1970 Ford Mustang.

-Since the Bubble-Top doesn't make an appearance in any game yet there cant be any Classification. But since its engine isn't referenced in game it most likely doesn't have the Atomic V8.


2 Door Bubble Top Corvega

  • Other Vehicles

-It isn't mentioned who makes the other (now derelict) vehicles. The Pickup truck, the Highway patrol car, the Coupé, the "Flea" as its known from the Fallout 3's concept art, the large utility Trucks both (military and civilian), the construction machines, and the Motorcycles.

-The "Flea" is not common in the Mojave Wasteland but one can be found in the El Dorado Dry Lake near Vault 11, along with several engine blocks, a Motorcycle, a Street cleaner, and a couple of trucks, and one can be found on the Ivanpah race track.


The concept art of the "Flea"

Fo3 Derelicts

Top right corner the "Flea", bottom right corner is the Street cleaner, next to it to the left is the unnamed two door that's not a Corvega

Buildings / LocationsEdit

  • Why can't the developers make the inside match the outside?
  • How come the inside of buildings are so dark? Ex. the McCarran terminal building. Especially since the inside lights are on?
  • The Divide is in California, near Death Valley, blocks California State Route 127 (and by proxy the NCR's route north around the mountains), and has a major highway intersection. Therefore the Divide is located on the intersection of the California State Route 190.
    • This route made the trek from the NCR's core region to the Mojave by going US 395 south to Cal. SR 190 east through Death Valley & the Divide then either Nav. Sr 374 to US 95 or take Cal. SR 190 south through Pahrump (if it exists in the Fallout world) to Nav. SR 160 east to the I 15 just south of New Vegas.
    • The NCR was to therefore travel either US 395 north to Cal. SR 168/Nav. SR 226 east then go US 95 south & east to get to the northern Mojave. Or take US 395 south to I 15 (Long 15) northeast into the southern Mojave.
  • The style of the architecture is Raygun Gothic.


-Wouldn't it be considered a puppet state after the U.S. invaded? After all there is no mention of conflict other than it was invaded.

Devices / RobotsEdit

-Since its used as a bug device in Fallout it would have to be small enough to place somewhere undetected. Perhaps its the size of a small cassette player.
-It plays and records the standard 30 minute high density record-it-once tapes not Holodisks.

  • The Record-it-once tapes though they are used in conjunction with the play-it-for-me tape recorder, there is no reference to them being made by Wattz Electronics.

-The record-it-once tapes by name are implied to be single record only, but if you change the name to some thing like record-it-twice tapes or multiple-record-it tapes that would give the item some variety.
Ex. record-it-once 30min 50 caps
record-it-twice/multiple-record-it 30min 100 caps

-Shouldn't non-player characters'/whoever doesn't have a pip-boy have this in there inventories so they don't wander into irradiated areas?

-Shouldn't you still need an electronic lock pick of some sort to open electrical doors?
-Also when its implemented in future games it would make more sense technologically that this device by the future date, (post Fallout 2) to be the standard electronic lock pick if there isn't already a MkIII.

-Maybe add some sort of marker to them, because I'm pretty certain that it's in Fallout: New Vegas at various locations, most notably NCR camps and posts. -Hanlon is wearing a radio, this may be a different radio.

-Where are the Holodisk/paper note interface(s)?

  • Various Holodisk Recorder/playback Devices

-Why aren't there any in any game yet? There clearly need to be at least one kind for NPCs without Pip-boys to be at least implied to use. Also there is a reference to said object in Ulysses log Y-17.15, a Holodisk in Lonesome Road.

-Why doesn't the clear grate go down?

-Who makes these? (probably a multitude of companies)
-This would make a good standard over the counter survival kit.

-Add them to all future games.

Why not add this too?

Flora & FaunaEdit


Other Fallout SettingsEdit

-It would be a nice change of scenery to have Fallout partially or full in Mexico, so you can see and feel the effects first hand of The United "States" 'Commonwealths' of America's (Enclave's) economic and militaristic imperialism.


Superior Holorifle Models AbilitiesEdit

-I think good ideas for Superior Models of the Holorifle could be, a larger MFC capacity and/or better MFC efficiency variant, and an automatic rifle variant (like the Browning Auto-5).

Battle rifle (GRA) mod ideasEdit

-Battle Rifle detachable clip.

Functions like a M14's.

-Battle Rifle Scope

Functions like a M21's.

Other 10mm PistolsEdit

-2/3 as rate of fire as N99, (4/5-5/6) as durable as the N99, cylinder fed reload (slower), same damage, slightly more accurate?.

  • N80

-Like a 10mm Beretta, 2/3 as durable as the N99, same rate of fire as the N99, same damage, same reload, same accuracy as N99, more expensive to repair?.

-Bring it back, keep the stats the same, but adjust for current game mechanics. Maybe even make it use the .45 Auto rounds like the original, instead of the 10mm, or maybe the .45 Auto is the unique "original" version and the 10mm is the standard.

More fallout weaponsEdit

-Just add the weapons from Fallout, Fallout 2, & Fallout 3 that are not in the current game already, then add the appropriate unique weapons to the current games as needed (story, lore, etc...). That way there won't be an unnecessary amount of weapons. And the developers can concentrate on the quality of the game.
EX. The Plasma Defender in FNV looks different than the Plasma pistol (Fallout), but looks like the Plasma pistol (ext. cap.). So why not say that the FNV ones are post-war productions and put in an "original" one as the unique/antique version?
Unique weapon idea: Bugsy's Baby - Laser RCW. Or name to that effect. Better condition more damage. Tag marked evidence. Perhaps found in FBI lockup with old drugs, weapons, money, and other miscellaneous evidence. In quest Marked, Unmarked, or Free?
-Bring back the .32 caliber round, just relabel the weapons (& maybe adjust the abilities). Ex. .32 Hunting rifle, .308 Hunting rifle. Use the .32 as a intermediate round from .22LR - 9mm.
-Combat Shotgun & R91 Assault Rifle Like this... [9]
-Make the Trench knife's critical hit a punch in the face & make the damage comparable to Love and Hate.

Weapons ManufacturersEdit

Besides the Gun Runners.

I believe that the best explanation as to who makes these weapons has to be ether Vault City, the Shi, the Van Graffs (in so much as a distribution house), or the BoS (though they wouldn't let it out of their personal use), in that order.

Ammunition / BatteriesEdit

Better battery distinction.

  • Energy Cell

-Small Energy Cell = Energy Cell Fallout 3 & NV

-"Regular" Energy Cell = Small energy cell Fallout & 2

  • Microfusion Cell

-Microfusion Cell = Fallout 3 & NV

  • "Nuclear Battery"

-Microfusion Cell = Fallout 2 / unmovable Battery in F:NV hooked up to homes and light posts

  • Fission battery

-Same as in Fallout 3 & NV

  • What if the batteries themselves have an electric percentage? Maybe 100% to start with then divide it by shot with the specific weapon used. Ex. AER9 24 shots per cell (shots total per weapon subtracted by # of shots = % left to keep firing) with any other weapon that uses that type. (24 = 100% 20 = about 83.1/83.4%)


  • What about a fallout-ish Humvee? Ex. take the average truck flatten,widen,& shrink the cab until its about the same size as the Humvees, add the rear seats &/or small flatbed, enlarge tires, & a trailer hitch
    • What I'm going for is a Humvee frame/functionality with the 40/50s truck body styling.
  • What about bicycles?


-Would it make more sense to need to tan the hides before you make Leather belts?

-Would it make more sense to need some sort of Flare gun cap for the fuel to be inserted into?

-Bent tin cans into scrap metal (repair item)/ shrapnel (home made explosives)


-I think that it would be best that they could only exist in the Divide radiation. Like the marked men. Or perhaps they can only reproduce in the unique radiation and that they would become sterile without it. I base this notion on the fact that they have yet to leave the Divide after 200+ years.

-Since they exist period. Ex. needed to make Iguana-on-a-stick, Iguana bits, Squirrel on a stick, & Squirrel stew.
-Maybe to make Squirrel stew you will need some sort of broth mix?

-Since they were referenced in making west coast Centaurs.


  • Bandoleers

-I think that a Bandoleer to increase ammunition capacity would be a good addition.

The childishnessEdit



Why do people here hate the messenger(s) and ignore the message?

Friends ListEdit


  1. On page Advanced power armor (Fallout 2), referenced from NcWriChi.msg, not mentioned on other pages.
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    -I'm pleased to hear that. Do you anticipate any setbacks? Last month's progress was, well... let's call it "underwhelming." (Owyn Lyons)
    -There may be a slight delay in the enhancement of the ambulatory gyroscope. A few of the parts I need were lost in the recent... inventory reduction. (Bowditch)
    -You'll make do, Bowditch. You always do. (Owyn Lyons)
    -Thank you, sir. I appreciate it. (Bowditch)
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    -Excellent. I'm a bit concerned, though. Last week, you mentioned a possible delay in the secondary modifications? (Owyn Lyons)
    -I'm afraid that there may be a delay, sir. So far, I haven't been able to salvage a fellulator unit from the parts that we have on hand. (Bowditch)
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  9. J.E. Sawyer on Formspring: "I know this is a stupid question, but I want to ask it regardless. I've been playing New Vegas with the Capital Wasteland mod. How would you balance the old Fallout 3 weapons with your New Vegas weapons?"
    It's not a stupid question, since it's a question I had to deal with a lot on the DLCs. Here's what I would say about balancing any new weapons with existing weapons: first you find a conceptual place for them, then you stat, test, and iterate to hit that concept. A weapon's balance is interpreted relative to weapons that are a) like it in function (e.g. a 9mm SMG is like a 10mm SMG) b) like it in cost/availability (e.g. you find 10mm SMGs around the same time that you find .44 Magnum Revolvers). When considering the "conceptual place" for the weapon, you should really be answering these questions:
    • Why will this weapon be fun to use? The first and most important question.
    • What weapons should this weapon be similar to in role/function? This can help you establish statistics that make sense relative to other weapons that are similar.
    • What weapons should this weapon be comparable to in overall power? When you answer this, you know what the player is likely choosing between for available weapons at any given point in their development.
    • In what situations will I want to use this weapon instead of another weapon of similar power? If there is not a circumstance in which a weapon shines, players likely won't use it.
    • In what situations will I want to use other weapons of similar power INSTEAD of this weapon? If a weapon dominates every situation, they will have no motive to use anything else.
    • If there are less powerful weapons that are similar to this weapon, in what way will they still be valuable once I get this weapon? In some cases, this may be as simple as mod availability. E.g. Trail Carbines can take scopes; Brush Guns cannot.
    • If there are more powerful weapons that are similar to this weapon, in what way will THIS weapon still be valuable when I find the more powerful version? Same idea.
    Let's take two weapons that pose challenges: the Combat Shotgun and the Assault Rifle. There are a lot of shotguns and automatic Guns in F:NV, especially with all of the DLCs installed -- but I still think there's room for these two. Combat Shotgun:
    • Why will this weapon be fun to use? High rate of fire shotgun with high DPS, available earlier than the Riot Shotgun. It will also make use of 20 Ga. shells (16 per drum, 4 higher than the Riot), which stop being used in F:NV after the Lever-Action Shotgun.
    • What weapons should this weapon be similar to in role/function? Most similar to the Riot Shotgun, distinguished by lower DAM, higher accuracy, and a higher RoF.
    • What weapons should this weapon be comparable to in overall power? Tier 4 Guns (Hunting Shotgun, Trail Carbine, Sniper Rifle, 12.7mm Pistol)
    • In what situations will I want to use this weapon instead of another weapon of similar power? Close range (closer than the Hunting Shotgun), when volume of fire is more important than raw damage (Trail Carbine, Sniper Rifle), and when reload speed is important (Trail Carbine).
    • In what situations will I want to use other weapons of similar power INSTEAD of this weapon? When accuracy or high DAM are important. Slugs can mitigate the DAM and accuracy concerns somewhat, but even the lower-DAM 12.7mm pistol will still have higher accuracy.
    • If there are less powerful weapons that are similar to this weapon, in what way will they still be valuable once I get this weapon? The Lever-Action Shotgun still has a higher DAM and accuracy, though the Combat Shotgun destroys it in DPS, RoF, capacity, and reload speed.
    • If there are more powerful weapons that are similar to this weapon, in what way will THIS weapon still be valuable when I find the more powerful version? The Combat Shotgun has lower spread, higher magazine capacity, and higher durability than the Riot Shotgun. The Riot Shotgun kills the Combat Shotgun in DAM and DPS.
    Assault Rifle:
    • Why will this weapon be fun to use? Solid DAM automatic weapon with reasonable accuracy, high RoF, and plenty of ammo availability.
    • What weapons should this weapon be similar to in role/function? Most similar to the Assault Carbine.
    • What weapons should this weapon be comparable to in overall power? Tier 4 Guns (Hunting Shotgun, Assault Carbine, Trail Carbine, Sniper Rifle, 12.7mm Pistol)
    • In what situations will I want to use this weapon instead of another weapon of similar power? Close range, when raw DAM is a concern but accuracy is less of a concern.
    • In what situations will I want to use other weapons of similar power INSTEAD of this weapon? Long range, or when armor is more of a concern than total health (cf. Assault Carbine).
    • If there are less powerful weapons that are similar to this weapon, in what way will they still be valuable once I get this weapon? The 10mm SMG edges the Assault Rifle out in weight and ammo capacity.
    • If there are more powerful weapons that are similar to this weapon, in what way will THIS weapon still be valuable when I find the more powerful version? The Automatic Rifle destroys the Assault Rifle in raw DAM and DPS, but weighs much more and uses rarer, heavier ammo. The Assault Rifle also has a Recoil Compensator mod that brings its accuracy down below even the Assault Carbine.
    These are just two approaches to tuning weapons. You could make completely different choices than I did. The point of the exercise is to find a place for the weapons so that their use becomes a choice that the player has to think about.

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