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  • I live in Anarch Free State
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is Information Broker for Kindred
  • I am Male

Judith is a tenderhearted soul with abit of a wild side. Aged only at 27 she have come and gone, from her home of Texas, to Florida and even DC. While she doesn't talk much about her past she will occassionally ask others about theirs. At a very early age she was already very different then the other kids in Dallas on account that she liked to read about the old world before it was blown to Hell and she even read lots of books about Feudal Japan(so much infact that her Mother nicknamed her The Samurai). She was even interested with Science. Also that she always tried to always do the right thing. But of course she knew she wasn't perfect because she was a hot head that didn't take alot of bulls*** from no one. Her Mother Hinata was always curious as to why she was like this, she often wondered if she has that Tribal blood running through her veins like her when she was younger. Her Mother often had to keep her daughter in the house for the kids protection as well as her's. Judith never knew her Father named Jack Snake Malone until at age 15 when he was with the Followers of the Apocalypse on a relief effort. When he first gazed his ocean blue eyes at her he knew who she was because she had that same 'I can get s*** done' attitude like he had when he was barely in his teens. He went to hug Judith, but was met with much hatred. She tried to punch him repeatedly, but he cuffed her quick with the cuffs he found in a old, ruined Police Station back out East. After she calmed down abit he uncuffed her and told her why he left. He started his story by saying he just wouldn't leave until he saw her being born. After that he kissed his newborn and his wife Hinata and said: I'm so sorry, I have to go with the Followers up East. I'll be sure to bring back lots of caps though to get you both out of here. Then he left in the snow with the Followers. He further told her he was helping cities up East that was in alot worser shape then Dallas was and that that's why he left. To help them and others. After the story was over Judith cried long rivers of tears, but her Jack wiped them and hugged her and said in a low tone: I'm so sorry I put you through that... And after two years of swapping stories of their days and experiences their relationship was coming to much fruitation. But sadly that was going to come to an end. At age 18 she witnessed the slaughtering of her Neighborhood and her parents by the hands of a ruthless Raider gang. She carefully slipped out and even killed three of them with ease on account of this red Chinese book she would read in her spare time. After escaping into the open Wasteland she just wondered settlement after settlement gathering as much info as possible on the Raiders who killed her friends and Family. After arriving in the DC Wasteland she was in a small Pub in Megaton where she heard that the Raiders was camping out in a Marketplace not to far from Megaton. After giving the Ghoul 30 caps as a token of gratitude she left for it. As soon as she arrived the place was quiet, so quiet that it put her on guard. She pulled out her Father's Chinese Pistol and carefully searched the place only to discover that the Raiders were all dead. She then fell on her knees in tears. Judith thought to herself: I should have got them, I should have killed them! She was now looking for info on who was the person that killed them Raiders so she could get a explanation for this. After traveling near the DC Ruins she saw a towering building and read the letters. It spelled out: GNR. She thought: Will I find the answers I'm looking for? Am I ever going to get any closure? She went up to the gate only to be met with heavily armed men in armor. She wanted to ask who they were, but was on a deadline. So she asked: May I come in please? One of the armored men said: Why do you need to come in? She then explained her situation to them and they gladly let her pass. She then met a loud, weird and somewhat interesting man calling himself: Three Dog. After explaining her situation he told her that a 'Cat' called the Lone Wonderer was the one that did the deed. She then thanked him and asked where he went. He said: Look for the big, rusted ship at this location. After marking it on her map she went there to find that the Lone Wonderer wasn't there, but a guard called Harkness told me the Wonderer was going back home at this location. Sure enough after I went there I once again didn't see the Wonderer. After days of searching I was so tired and was about to call it quits. As I was walking in the Wastes on a star filled night I saw that a person in a Vault suit was sitting by the campfire eating some sweet smelling food. It was surely intoxicating because I didn't eat for 4 days. Then to my surprise the Stranger says to me: You want to get some too? I then said with embarrassment: Yes... please. The Stranger and me was talking for a while. The Stranger told me alot of odd, crazy tales and I told some of mine. As we was laughing together I couldn't help but wonder what the person looked liked. The Stranger was wearing a old hockey mask he said he took from a Raider. Out of heightened curiosity and suspisionI asked who the Stranger was. The Stranger replied: They call me the Lone Wonderer. I then replied: You don't say? It wasn't before long that I pulled out Jack's Chinese Pistol and tried to shoot the Wonderer. But then the Lone Wonderer pulled out a gun on me too. We went at it for two hours, then as the Lone Wonderer had the drop on me it turned out his/her gun was out of ammo. I then lightly smiled and pulled my trigger. To my shock it was also empty. The Wonderer then grabbed my gun and broke it on the ground. I was seeded with much more rage now and punched the Wonderer's mask off. I couldn't get a good look still on account of the dark, dark night. We went at it for almost an hour. he/she then asked: What is this even all about you crazy bitch!? I then told the Lone Wonderer my story and then he/she gave me a sad look. The Wonderer then said: Look, I'm sorry about what happened with your folks and town. But this is just going abit to far, don't you think? I then slightly shook my head up and down. Then he/she reached out for my hand to help me up, I then looked puzzled. I asked the Wonderer: So after all of this your just willing to forgive me like that? He/She then said with a smile: Uh huh. I then took the Wonderer's hand. And after some talking the Lone Wonderer fixed my Father's gun as good as new as a sign of good faith between us. And then both looked at the sun rise while listening to a song. I asked the Wonderer: What is that song? He/She replied: I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire by The Ink Spots. I then said: Really? I like that song. After saying our goodbyes we went our separate ways. I then went on many adventures and then I made it to the Mojave Wasteland where I got a job as a Courier. And well..... you know the rest I'm sure.

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