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  • I live in Camp McCarran
  • I was born on July 31
  • My occupation is NCR Soldier
  • I am Male

Never run away, without using all the possibilities...

— Andrew William Vieira

Peace, Freedom and Bacon & Eggs!

— Unknow Name Vault-Tec Actor

Andrew William Vieira is one of the New California Republic Troppers working at Camp McCarran with his usual mission group in the Mojave Wasteland, 2281. With his Science experience he's the "Geek" of the group and it's one of the best soldiers in hacking operations.


Andrew is an NCR Tropper specialized in Hacking Operations and also, very skilled in Medicine, providing medical attention to his group in dangerous assignments, he patrols Camp McCarran occasionally but is often chosen for many missions to Hoover Dam being separated from his usual group.

He was born and raised in Portugal in the European Commonwealth, 2252, 2 years later they travel to the United States of America towards Novac in the Mojave Wasteland, 2254. His father was a Vault Security Officer and his mother was a Store Owner, both were killed by Fiends when Andrew was 6 years old. Daisy Whitman took care of him until he was 16, then Andrew travel to Mojave Outpost and makes part of the New California Republic.


Sono confuso, mi sento vuota, sento che il destino è per noi due ma non ho nessuna iniziativa per dire che voglio. Ho visto da qualche parte, è già tra le mie braccia, ci fosse qualcuno nella nostra vita passata ..."

— Andrew William Vieira

Andrew is a very friendly and sometimes a little puzzling person, he's a very intelligent person with great ability in Science and Medicine making it the smartest member of his workgroup. Andrew is friend of his friends but in regard to enemies is very vindictive and eliminates those who hurt him or his friends, also he's a person who knows how to distinguish what is working and what is not, in other words Andrew doesn't play in service.




NCR McCarran GroupEdit

The NCR McCarran Group is Andrew's usual work group at Camp McCarran, the group consists of six people each with different abilities that are essential for the missions:

  • Andrew Vieira: He's the "Geek" of the group due to its capacity of Science, he can open doors or perform some tasks from a terminal.
  • Monica Sandders: better known as "Doctor Sandy" she's one of the most essential members due to her huge ability in Medicine.
  • John Furry: when there is no other way to open a door or a container, John's always there to open it with his ability of Lockpicking.
  • Sharon Williams: Sneak and Guns are Sharon's strongest abilities, she's better known as "Cat of the Night" or "Night Cat".
  • Richard Louis: He's very knowledgeable how to Repair all sort of things like Weapons or Equipments, he's also a Energy Weapons fanatic helping the group with some "energy".

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Friends Edit

Friends? what friends? i'm just a lone wanderer... (but! you can be my friend!?)

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