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Character Build: Amorality's unstoppable set-upEdit

Class: Master Combatant Can use any weapon with deadly efficiency inside or outside of VATS
Perk Requirements Items
Level 1 ST 4 PE 6 EN 7 CH 1 IN 9 AG 7 LK 6 None Bobblehead - Medicine
Tag Lockpick, Repair, Science None
Level 2 Swift Learner IN 4 Bobblehead - Explosives, Bobblehead - Intelligence
Level 3 Black Widow None
Level 4 Comprehension IN 4 Bobblehead - Lockpick
Level 5 Iron Fist ST 4
Level 6 Iron Fist ST 4
Level 7 Iron Fist ST 4
Level 8 Toughness EN 5
Level 9 Commando None
Level 10 Gunslinger None
Level 11 Finesse None
Level 12 Sniper EN 5 Ant Sight /Ant Might
Level 13 Strong Back ST 5
Level 14 Silent Running AG 6, Sneak 50% Bobblehead - Science
Level 15 Cyborg Science 60%, Medicine 60%
Level 16 Better Criticals PE 6, LK 6
Level 17 Action Girl AG 6 Bobblehead - Unarmed
Level 18 Paralyzing Palm Unarmed 70% Bobblehead - Repair
Level 19 Pyromaniac Explosives 60% Bobblehead - Melee Weapons
Level 20 Grim Reaper's Sprint None
Level 21 Ninja Sneak 80%, Melee Weapons 80% Bobblehead - Small Guns, Bobblehead - Energy Weapons
Level 22 Concentrated Fire Small Guns 60%, Energy Weapons 60% Bobblehead - Big Guns
Level 23 Demolition Expert Explosives 50%
Level 24 Demolition Expert Explosives 50% Bobblehead - Sneak
Level 25 Demolition Expert Explosives 50% Bobblehead - Speech, Bobblehead - Barter
Level 26 Quantum Chemist Science 70%
Level 27 Life Giver EN 6
Level 28 Bloody Mess None
Level 29 Nerves of Steel AG 7
Level 30 Almost Perfect None Bobblehead - Strength, Bobblehead - Charisma, Bobblehead - Agility,
Bobblehead - Perception, Bobblehead - Endurance, Bobblehead - Luck
Gear: Important
Quest Perks:
Final Stats: ST 10 PE 10 EN 10 CH 10 IN 10 AG 10 LK 10
From Gear: (+35 AP, +10 Big Guns) or (+25 AP, +15 Sneak, +5 Stealth Field)

Notes Edit

  • This character is designed to excel in any possible combat situation by using the most diverse selection of effective weapons upon reaching level 30 with a very high AP total if you choose to use VATS. The standard sneak attack-small guns cookie cutter build is available early on due to the abundance of hunting rifles and the ease of access to Lincoln's Repeater and Ol' Painless. Interspersed with focus on unarmed combat due to its ammo-saving nature which can be a boon for lower-level characters. The Pyromaniac-Shiskebab combo is too important to miss so it's in there. Explosives are a powerful option especially with Nuka Grenades and Quantum Chemist. By this point you should be encountering Overlords, Reavers, Albino Radscorpions and the Enclave with increasing regularity which means by level 30 you can pick up any weapon and use it to deadly effect.
  • You don't have to take the skill bobbleheads exactly when I say you should get them. Just take them when you feel like it or you need the skill boost for an important perk requirement for the next level.
  • Take advantage of the infinite respawning Big Guns skill book in Bethesda Offices East meaning that you don't have to spend a single skill point in Big Guns.
  • If you're having problems finding a suitable number of Explosives for regular use look here to utilize an infinite grenade glitch.

Tactics Edit

  • Use Lincoln's Repeater outside of VATS for extreme range headshots. Go into VATS at medium range, a high AP count (145) means 5 shots is enough to fell most in game enemies; make sure you equip Lag-Bolt's Combat armor whenever you go into VATS.
  • If you get bored using guns, switch to the Chinese Stealth Suit and either use the Shishkebab, Deathclaw Gauntlet or absolutely nothing to pummel any enemy in the game without them ever being alerted to your presence, even when they bump into you. However if the opposite happens (you bump into them) they will immediately see you so it's best to switch to The Terrible Shotgun if that happens or go into VATS for Paralyzing Palm.
  • Speaking of The Terrible Shotgun, this gun is perhaps the most powerful and useful weapon in your arsenal. Scared of Reavers, Overlords or Behemoths? Don't be. A fully repaired sneak attack out-of-VATS Terrible Shotty at 100 small guns with Better Criticals to the head will OHKO ANY ENEMY IN THE GAME on normal mode, just make sure you're firing at point-blank range. Talk about overpowered...
  • The Dart Gun is just there for flavour. It's kinda funny watching Super Mutants dieing in there tracks as if from an aneurysm. Oh and it works best on crippling fast moving foes such as Albino Radscorpions and Deathclaws (as if they ever had a chance anyway). Did I mention it's silenced too?
  • Make sure to carry plenty of spare hunting rifles/combat shotties for repair because your guns won't last forever. That's why the Xuanlong Assault Rifle is in there due to its robustness, durability and ease of finding Chinese Assault Rifles for repair. It also gets a tremendous damage boost (bugged) from the Ghoul Ecology and Superior Defender perks.

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