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Hosting IssuesEdit

VOScast seems best option 32Kbps, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited storage, unlimited listeners $8.95 per month


PPL small webcaster - £189.41 + VAT - 270,000 performances, not more than £5k Revenue
Standard Webcaster - £790 + VAT - performances (Recoupable, £0.00061 per performance), no revenue limit

PRS LOML 118+Vat for 180,000 streams (then about the same to double). Max £12,500 revenue.
LOML+ 2k for 3,050,847 streams, £200k limit to revenue

Budget - 1 yearEdit

$107.4USD Hosting = Roughly £70GBP

PPL 189.41 x 1.2 = £228

PRS 118 x 1.2 = £141.6

Library - the More the better, but lets say 200 songs = £100

Add $25 USD for sending cash to me = £16

Shoestring annual budget requirement = £585.6 = 950 USD.

IndieGoGo and 10% incentiveEdit

Add 10% for "goodies" + 95 USD = 1045

Add 10% in Indiegogo take = $1149.5 Total IndieGoGo Fundraiser.

Indiegogo and 20% incentiveEdit

Add 20% for goodies = 1140

Add 10% for IndieGogo = 1254

Possible Stretch GoalsEdit

Move to less restricted licensing band
PPL £790 * 1.2 = £948 (1 million + Streams), increases earning limit to PRS limit of 12.5K
Less current budget £228 = £720
= Roughly 1168 USD
Add Indiegogo cut = 1284
Increase to 64K Streams
16.95 * 12 = $US203
Less Current budget 107
Add Indiegogo cut= $105
More Songs
50p each.

Proposal DraftEdit

Welcome to JunkFM...An online radio station dedicated to recapturing the old time sound that has inspired the soundtrack in games like Fallout, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas.

What can you expect from Junk FM?

· The greatest hits from the 50’s 60’s and the 2070’s.

· General and gaming news

· 1950’s style advertisements (some real, some fake)

· 1950’s style Audio Dramas

· Old Radio shows that have entered the Public Domain

· President Eden style Fireside Chats

How will it be run?

We’re looking at Community Radio as our model for this service. This means we’re reliant on your help to keep going, and you’ll have an opportunity to join our listener panel to help direct our future direction. You can also contribute time in being a part of the station.

Is this a Fallout Radio Station?

Yes and No. Its inspired by Fallout, but it is completely separate from the series and as such does not use any Bethesda or Interplay material, except where permitted by law. However if you enjoyed the games – particularly the soundtrack – you’ll love this station.

What Audio Quality can we expect?

Initially we’re looking at a 32 KBps stream which is better than phone quality, but not quite at CD quality. This seems to be a bit of a sweet spot between price and quality and may just contribute to the “old time” sound;p, however if we are above target we can look at replacing this with a 64k stream

What licenses will it have?

We’ll be licensed with the PRS and PPL to play sound materials in copyright. As a small webcaster there are limits on what we can do at this rate (in relation to number of plays, and how much we can fundraise) however its our hope to stretch this out with new content (like Audio Dramas and fireside chats ) and old Public Domain materials, thus hopefully limiting the need for us to obtain more expensive licensing until much later.

The licenses are going to allow pure webcasting, that sadly means no skipping tracks, downlaods, or even live listener requests... But we can add stuff to the playlist if you like.

Will there be advertising?

Lets be blunt, this is going to be at best a Niche station, it’s not going to ever be a moneyspinner nor is it likely to be of big interest to typical advertisers. As such, its going to be a bit of a beg-ware station…

However there are some people out there making products for the Fallout community, and we’ll be happy to feature you if you’re doing this if you can help contribute to our ongoing costs. If people want to advertise something that isn’t particularly fallouty, then we’ll feature it (but will require a higher contribution…) as long as it fits the 1950’s pastiche, so your immersion isn’t spoiled.

Even then it’s still going to be limited, the PRS and PPL licenses limit our revenues initially to £5,000, so it should never be as spoiled as regular radio.

Can I get involved?

Well be issuing everyone who contributes more than X a “Share certificate”. Although this isn’t a real share certificate, it officially gets you one vote in our reader panel to help us decide what we should play in the future, and further improvements to the station that we can make (like improving audio stream quality, adding new programmes, etc). As the station is intended to be revenue neutral (with any extra cash being put straight into the station, or into other Fallout-style fan projects) you wont be able to get a share of the profit.

We’re also on the lookout for content. Get in contact with us if you can help.

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