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October 10, 2012
  • I live in California
  • I was born on October 21
  • My occupation is Centurion
  • I am Male

About MeEdit

Well, I won't go into too much detail, But you can really find out a little about me from my profile information. What I really wanted to say is that I am in love with the fallout series.

Fallout Games I am very knowledgeable of:

  • Fallout 3
  • Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout Games I own:

  • Fallout 1
  • Fallout 2
  • Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel
  • Fallout 3
  • Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout Game's Wishlist

  • Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
  • Fallout: Warfare :P

Rest In Peace

  • Fallout: Van Buren
  • Fallout Online

Favorite Factions

  • Follower's of the Apocalypse
  • Caesar's Legion
  • Brotherhood of Steel
  • Regulator's

Ave, The Legion WatchesEdit

The Legion Watches and studies it's enemies weaknesses...The Legion conquers those against them. Profligates will perish as Caesar commands.

As Adrick, Caesar's Loyal Officer, I swear my allegiance to The Legion.

Understanding Legion Military OrganizationEdit

  • Here I will explain in my own understanding of how the Legion's army functions and the organization behind it's brutal, yet successful ways.
  • To understand how The Legion came to be, we must go to the root of where it all began. Edward Sallow (aka: Caesar) Founded the Legion along with Joshua Graham (To become the Legion's first Legate). The idea was taken from the Ancient Roman Empire and made into his own form of what he read from books while living under the care of the Follower's of the Apocalypse. Skip later into his life, Caesar trained the "Blackfoot Tribe" into becoming his Legionaries and ultimately making him their leader. The Legion's way of recruit was either forcing other tribes into becoming apart of the Legion or they had no options and again. forced into becoming apart of the Legion. Despite not wanting to become apart of Caesar's Legion, The newly trained Legionaries learned to become loyal and obedient to the Legion and Caesar. In short, The Legion is a professional army that is a force not to be reckoned with. Their men are more highly trained than the NCR, they even have the guts to run at an enemy armed with a rifle with a machete! Their fierce loyalty to the Legion makes the Legionary the most feared individual on the battle field...and rightly so...

Legions, Cohorts, and So On...Edit

  • The Legion is broken up into a simple organization as followed:

Legion: A Legion consists of roughly 5,000 men and is lead by Caesar himself. In a Legion contains 10 Cohorts.

Cohort: A Cohort counts for 480 men and contain 6 Centuriae and is led by the Legate.

Centuria: There are 80 men in a Centuria, 10 Contubernia make up a Centuria which is commanded by a Centurion.

Contubernia: 10 men make up a Contubernia or a "tent group", which is usually commanded by a Decanus.

Raiding Party: Although not apart of the official organization, you will encounter Legionaries in groups of 8 or less, these men are usually on patrols or raiding a specific group.

Legion RanksEdit

Caesar: Caesar is the leader of the legion and his word is the law of the land. Anything he says and his Legion will do it.

Legate: The Legate is Caesar's right hand man. He acts as the battle field commander and leads a Cohort.

Centurion: The Centurion is comparable to a "General" in modern day military rank. The Centurion leads a Century (Centuriae). When not in battle the Centurion takes on Administration duties and is the commander of a large Legion concentration, such as Cottonwood Camp. You can identify a Centurion by the armor he wears, which consists of pieces of other armors constructed by his fallen foes.

Decanus: The Decanus is a lower form of an officer rank and is command of a Contubernia. Often times the Decanus can act as a deputy to the Centurion.

  • The Decanus can be Identified by their helmet feathers.
  • A Veteran Decanus Has black feathers with white tips.
  • A new Decanus is identified by his red and black feather.

Veteran Legionary: This Legionary has seen years of battle and has served the Legion well, This rank of men carry around better armor and better weapons into battle and are typically placed further from the front lines during battle.

Prime Legionary: This is literally one full rank above the Recruit Legionary and carries better armor and a slightly better weapon than the Recruit Legionary. These men might have seen some combat.

Recruit Legionary: Fresh to the Legion these men go through a grueling training program to condition to become a Legionary. These men are looked at as "expendable" and are put in the very front lines of battle. They are fierce in combat and training experience but lack the firearm training that the NCR has. This usually puts them in a dangerous position when on raiding missions or patrols. It is also important to note that these men are typically from other tribes that have been conquered by the Legion yet they show undying Loyalty to Caesar.

Special Legion RanksEdit

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