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Notable TrophiesEdit

Platinum on both Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and their respective DLC's.

Fallout 3 Section Edit

What the hell were you meant to be?!

— Me, on seeing my first Deathclaw, later called Snuggles

Bioshock 2 Big Daddy (Or at least Alpha Series) Look-alike:Edit

Eyebot helmet

Ghoul mask

Raider iconoclast armor (The Pitt)

Drone cannon (Mothership Zeta)


Swap the two pieces of headwear for Raider Wastehound helmets.

Having trouble finding missing Megaton NPC's?Edit

(Can't post the map I made directing you to where this is, so:)


Now, with the DLC's, the location (on PS3 at least) is:

See Springvale school (On the Pip-Boy map)?

And the water above it (On the Pip-Boy map)?

If you see those, look for the faint lines that cover the entire map. See them?

Look for the bridge right above Springvale School. And see the line being intersected by it through the middle? (Line is horizontal)

Follow that line until the Springvale School icon is right below it (Following the line would cause you to run into the school if you were in the Wasteland)

Okay, Springvale School is roughly a third the way up that vertical line. Go another third up that line, and your NPC's should be there :)

(I know that sounds confusing but it's the best I can do :/)

Frag Grenade Glitch (Well, it works for me at least! [PS3])Edit

Go to Point Lookout, then the Ritual Site.

Kill all of the Swamp Folk.

Check their corpses.

See a large/ abnormal amount of Frag Grenades on them?

Wait about 20 seconds

Check the corpse again

They should have spawned another Frag Grenade!


'You have exactly 3 seconds until I introduce Sledgehammer to face.'


Introducing Jack to the peaceful town of Megaton

Killing anyone who uses a Chinese assault rifle (Noise really annoys me)

Having one-on-one fist fights with Rivet City security (Pickpocket their ammo first)

Rigging My Megaton house with multiple explosives

Using the Missile launcher glitch, 'decorate' Megaton with the gas from Bio-gas canisters

Placing a mine trail outside a town, then turn them all hostile while running backwards from them

Rigging Rivet City's Bridge with a multitude of mines

Current Character EquipmentEdit

(Male, Caucasian)

Enclave Hellfire armor

Naughty nightwear (To increase Speech)

Dart gun


21 Frag Grenades

Gauss Rifle


Metal Blaster

Steel knuckles


All 100, except Speech, which is 79


All 10

Current ProjectsEdit

None yesIcon check

Favourite WeaponsEdit

Pregnant Lady

Death Ray MKII

Blood Lust

Gatling Gun


Fertilizer shovel (Love the sound it makes when it connects)

Knock-out Needle Launcher (For my Mother and random NPC's)

Nuka grenade

Metal Blaster

Steel knuckles (Paralyzing Palm)

Stink Bomb

Fallout: New Vegas Section Edit

My character needs a beard.

Current WishlistEdit

Less bugs!

Oh, and for randomness, a Desert Eagle in Lonesome Road using .50 ammo!

Removing Pip-Boy Glove (PS3, PC and XBOX 360 Confirmed)Edit

Equip this and your Pip-boy glove will be permanently removed.

Current CharacterEdit


Barter 100

Energy Weapons 100

Explosives 87

Guns 100

Lockpick 100

Medicine 100

Melee Weapons 100

Repair 100

Science 100

Sneak 100

Speech 77

Survival 100

Unarmed 100



Damage Threshold:



Abominable (3)

Agility Implant

Animal Control (3)

Beautiful Beatdown


Bug Stomper (3)

Burden to Bear

Camarader-E (5)

Camel of the Mojave

Charisma Implant


Confirmed Bachelor (For the damage bonus)

Day Tripper

Dead Man's Burden


DNAvenger (3)


Endurance Implant

Fast Times

Free Radical

Ghost Hunter


Hand Loader


Heavy Handed


Implant C-13

Implant GRX (2)

Implant M-5

Implant Y-3

Implant Y-7

Intelligence Implant

Jury Rigging

Lady Killer

Living Anatomy

Lonesome Road

Long Haul

Lord Death (3)

Luck Implant

Machine Head (2)


Monocyte Breeder

Pack Rat

Paralyzing Palm

Perception Implant

Piercing Strike

Power Armor Training


Ranger Takedown

Rapid Reload

Reinforced Spine

Scribe Counter

Shotgun Surgeon

Sierra Madre Martini


Strength Implant

Strong Back

Sub-Dermal Armor


Tough Guy

Toughness (2)

Travel Light

Wild Wasteland



12.7mm Submachine Gun (GRA) (All mods)

Anti-Materiel Rifle (GRA) (All mods)

Big Mountain Transportalponder!

Codac R9000 (Can't drop it)

Laser detonator (Can't drop it)

Saturnite Fist Super-Heated


Daniel's hat (Equipped)

Elite Riot Gear (Equipped)

Motor-Runner's Helmet (Can't drop it)


Sunglasses (Equipped)

Vera's outfit (Worn with Sunglasses)

Caps, NCR Money and Legion Coins: (Gained through exploiting the Vikki and Vance Casino or trading in the Sierra Madre)




$100: 312,018

$20: 106

$5: 271


Aureus: 122,366

Denarius: 240

Pre-War money



-Insert witty comments here-


Since ED-E went missing on my best save, I've been thinking of ways to get him back/ kill him completely. If the Dead Money DLC comes out on PS3, I think I have the solution; since it removes your companions, it should, in theory, either remove ED-E from being a follower, so he can be recruited; kill ED-E permanently or keep him as a 'lost' follower. Anyone that has any other ideas, please post them on my talk page. P.S. The Vault 22 elevator glitch doesn't work (in fact that's where I lost him, right after where you have to *possible spoilers* help a ghoul destroy the spores for the NCR), plus he already had his laser upgraded. Theory has since been proven to work!

Outfits (Male)Edit

Outfit One:

Desperado hat

Explorer's Gear

Authority glasses

Outfit Two:

Joshua Graham's Armour

Authority glasses/Rebreather

Daniel's Hat

Outfit Three:

Joshua Graham's Armour

Desert Ranger Combat Helmet

Outfit Four: (Current Outfit)

Daniel's hat

Elite Riot Gear


Implant GRX Duration GuideEdit

Bold = answers


2 seconds (standard duration at rank one) x 5 (all uses with rank one) = 10 seconds. This is with the game clock, and because the game clock is slowed down to about 0.33, you get 30 real-life seconds.

3 seconds (standard duration at rank two) x 10 (all uses with rank two) = 30 seconds. Once again, pretty much times it by 3 for the real-life time (90 seconds or 1 minute and 30 seconds).

Day Tripper (I believe it adds 33%, so):

2 seconds (standard duration at rank one) x 1.33 (Day Tripper) x 5 (all uses with rank one) = 13.3 seconds. Times 3 again for real life time = 39.9 seconds.

3 seconds (standard duration at rank two) x 1.33 (Day Tripper) x 10 (all uses with rank two) = 39.9 seconds. Times 3 again gives you 119.7 seconds or 1 minute and 59.7 seconds.

Now add in Chemist as well as Day Tripper (Chemist doubles the time chems last, so):

2 seconds (standard duration at rank one) x 2 (Chemist) x 1.33 (Day Tripper) x 5 (all uses with rank one) = 26.6 seconds. Times 3 again gives you 79.8 seconds real time or 1 minute and 19.8 seconds.

3 seconds (standard duration at rank two) x 2 (Chemist) x 1.33 (Day Tripper) x 10 (all uses with rank two) = 79.8 seconds. Times 3 again gives you 239.4 seconds real time or 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds.

Also, Fast Times does not affect the GRX.

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