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The unnamed armored vehicle[1] is an infantry fighting vehicle of the United States Armed Forces before the war. It appears in Fallout 4.


The unnamed armored vehicle is a six-wheeled infantry fighting vehicle equipped with a turret mounted gun and two forward mounted guns. The vehicle's main gun appear to be very heavy for its class, perhaps equivalent to a light tank gun, such as a 75mm or 105mm weapon, presumably intended to provide heavy fire support for dismounting troops. It has a cramped passenger compartment in the rear. According to a sign located on the rear wall to the left side of the hatch, power armor units were required to stand at all times during transit.


  • During War Never Changes, the vehicle can be seen on the street of Sanctuary Hills while soldiers direct the residents towards Vault 111 just before the nuclear bombs hit the Greater Boston area. It is removed sometime before the Sole Survivor leaves Vault 111.
  • An armored vehicle carrying several barrels of nuclear waste is found abandoned on a small island on Misty Lake west of Sanctuary Hills after the Sole Survivor leaves the Vault.
  • One can be found just south of the Rotten Landfill on the road adjacent to the freeway.
  • One can be found at a military checkpoint near Mass Gravel & Sand and Wattz Consumer Electronics. This IFV contains a crate with some loot. There is a power armor without a helmet in an advanced storage box at the same location.
  • Two can be found on the barge behind the wreck of the USS Riptide.
  • An abandoned armored vehicle rammed into a mound of dirt with several armed frag mines around it and a army skeleton inside with a box of 3 fragmentation mines, 2 food items, a silver locket, a weapon (depending on the player's level), and a duffle bag with around 32 pre-war money can be found NNE of Relay Tower 0BB-915
  • Another can be found at a military checkpoint just south of Big John's salvage.
  • One can be found in the southwestern edge of Boston Common. It contains some loot and the name "Swann" is written on it
  • One can be found at the Wilson Atomatoys factory, and when fast traveled to after the landing of the Prydwen brotherhood members can be seen walking out of it, suggesting that the may use it somehow.
  • Two can be found to the east of Breakheart Banks. Appearing to be part of a crashed military convoy, one is still on the back of a flat bed semi, and another has fallen off. Location appears to be guarded by leveled military robots.
  • One can be found on the road out the front of the Weston water treatment plant.
  • Nuka-World (add-on)Gametitle-FO4 NW Two in the military convoy slightly southwest of Dry Rock Gulch.
  • Nuka-World (add-on)Gametitle-FO4 NW Two in the military convoy south of the Hubologist's camp.


  • Some loot can usually be found in or around these vehicles. This includes stimpaks, weapons (dependent on player level) and other items.
  • There are unique NPC idle animations that are used with this vehicle. These can be observed by going to any checkpoint where they are found after at least one recurring defense quest is completed. Any surviving allies can observed apparently restoring or salvaging the vehicles.



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