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The University Point is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


University Point was a settlement that was wiped out by the Institute synths in the year 2285. Formerly the pre-War Massachusetts Bay University (as noted on some terminals), one of the staff, Professor Stuart Campbell, was contracted by Colonel Rosemont of the U.S. military to create an improved laser weapon and set up a laboratory underneath the university but without the authorization of the university's dean, Alan Patterson. By the time of the Great War, the research staff remained safe from the bombs and were supplied with food and water to last for weeks. They decided to continue their work to pass the time. This research led to the development of the Prototype UP77. The survivors, Curtis Marsh and Leslie Mathews, exhausted their supplies after they had finished the UP77 and left the university.

By 2285, University Point was resettled and led by Mayor Bert Strickland. The university itself was flooded and infested with mirelurks. One of the settlers, Jacqueline Spencer, scavenged the university's ruins and discovered a hard disk containing Professor Campbell's research on reactor efficiency. Intending to sell this data, Jacqueline passed word with a traveling caravan to find the right dealer. Unfortunately, the news reached the Institute, who sent Conrad Kellogg. In turn, Kellogg threatened Mayor Strickland to turn over the data within 48 hours. This caused an uproar throughout the settlement and some of the settlers considered turning Jacqueline over to the Institute. Reading Jacq's note shows that she may have figured out where the data was, but it was too late as the attacks had already begun.


This area is home to an unmarked quest that will require the player to visit several of the buildings in turn. Most of the terminals containing clues are in the partially sunken administration building, Sedgwick Hall, at the end of the settlement. By the time the Sole Survivor arrives, the area is swarmed by synths belonging to the Institute, while the building has more Synths inside as well as mirelurks. The synths may be hostile, depending on the Sole Survivor's relationship with the Institute.

Notable lootEdit


  • Sylvia's holotape - In a red toolbox on the counter of the exterior building with the yellow and blue liquors sign.
  • University Point council meeting holotape - Loaded into the mayor's terminal located on the 3rd floor of the University Credit Union exterior.
  • A Vault-Tec lunchbox - On a toilet at sea level in a partially-collapsed building behind Sedgwick Hall.
  • Vault Tec security armor helmet - Located in a clothing store building among helmets and armor.
  • Gerald's vault password - On the Mayor's terminal upstairs from the Credit Union terminal, added by reading an entry of the Town Council Logs. Accesses the vault control terminal in the University Credit Union.

Sedgwick HallEdit

  • Campbell's safe password - From the main double door entrance go through a broken hole in the wall on your right (south), before the corridor. In this small room, on the left hand side (east) there is a large mainframe style computer. This is the 'Student Records' terminal. Access it then navigate through the file structure until you access the following entry: Student Directory for 2077-2078, Enrolled Graduates, G-M. The password is added to the inventory only after you have viewed the dean's terminal entry about Professor Campbell before looking at this terminal entry. The password may not be available until after you've visited the professor's terminal. Opens a [Master] locked safe in University Credit Union's vault, which in turn has a button opening a secret room.
  • Tesla Science Magazine issue #6 - On the top floor, go through the chained door in the junk wall towards the main entrance and follow the railings into the big room, then through the hole in the wall surrounded by curtains. The magazine is on a small table to the left of the chalkboard. This room is northwest on the map.
  • Jacq's note - In her duffle bag next to the professor's terminal on the 3rd floor.
  • A mini nuke - In the same room as Jacq's note; on the floor behind the desk.
  • A Vault-Tec lunchbox - Found behind a tipped over bench located in a corner to the left of a chalk board and to the right of the exit on the top floor.
  • Jacq's holotape - Loaded into Jacq's terminal in front of the elevator.
  • Gerald's barricade key - Under a cash register next to Gerald's terminal.

University Credit UnionEdit

Prototype UP77 "Limitless Potential", a unique laser gun, can be found in a hidden room in the vault of the University Credit Union. The specific weapon modifications fitted to the gun found are level dependent. In order to access the hidden room you must pick a master level locked safe in the vault, or obtain 'Campbell's Safe Password' from the Student Records terminal in the partially-sunken Sedgwick Hall.


  • Despite the presence of vendor stands, crafting stations, and generators, University Point cannot be used as a settlement.
  • Almost directly south of University Point, just by the water, is a random event location.


The University Point only appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

Coulombs Constant chalkboard

The number "8.9875517873681764x109" is written on the chalkboard next to the Tesla magazine inside the university, which is Coulomb's constant.

University Point is most likely a reference to the University of Massachusetts' Boston campus which is located in the same general area.


  • pcIcon pc Doors to Sedgwick Hall might not function. Save and reload to clear this, or fast travel and return. Alternatively, there is a rear entrance, which can be accessed by going around the south side of the building past the clutches of mirelurk eggs. Another way in is to climb to the top in the rear of the broken part of building, walk over the roof, then drop down to balcony area. You can then enter the blue door at the front of the building near the 2nd story floor.[verified]
  • When sent here to clear for either Railroad or BoS, you may clear it and the map says cleared but the quest won't detect that you cleared it. Exiting Sedgwick Hall and re-entering via the rear door will sometimes spawn the remaining enemies you need but this solution isn't 100% effective. It may be caused by clearing University Point before being sent on a mission as some enemies don't respawn properly and thus not enough kills are being detected. A possible workaround would be to wait longer and see if everything respawns or possibly try resurrecting any previous Synths that were killed initially. Player can also type sqt into the console before the cleared status i.e. after the faction has you come here, it will show a list of your current quests. You'll most likely need to use trial and error to find the correct stage. Find a quest ID you think it'll be (most BoS and Rail Road Quests have a "BoS" or "RR" prefix making it easier) and type player.sqs (QuestID) and that will show the stages completed and not completed. As long as the quest hasn't updated as "cleared" you should be able to enter the last stage to complete the quest and get the update avoiding the bug altogether EX: setstage (QuestID) 100. Once the bug is in effect, the quest will be removed the sqt listing.[platforms tag needed][verification overdue]
    • If you are stuck here on the Leading by Example quest, setstage c8675 30 will advance the quest.
    • If you are stuck here on the Railroads "Clear out University Point" quest, command setstage RRR06 300 will advance the quest.


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