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This is a transcript for dialogue with underworld residents.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Holy shit! What happened? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 What the fuck happened? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 It's so weird here without Azhrukhal. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 I still can't believe that Charon shot Ahzrukhal. I never saw that one coming. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 You know, Ahzrukhal was a bastard, but I kind of miss him... 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Did you see that? Charon just shot Ahzrukhal! 6
GREETING Neutral 50 There are a lot more of us down here than there are of you, smoothskin. You just behave yourself. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 I hope you don't mind the smell, I know how sensitive you humans can be. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 That's humans for you, always so goddamn friendly. 9
GREETING Neutral 50 We don't get a lot of your kind down here. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 What makes you think that we've got something to say to one another? 11
GREETING Neutral 50 Doc Barrows says I'm crazy, but I think it's that damn Aqua Cura making everybody sick. Myself, I ain't touching the stuff again. 12

Conversation Edit

HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Oh, oh! Mr Ahzrukhal, I want to ask you something. 13
HELLO Neutral 50 Oh, hey... Mr. <coughs> .... Mr. Ahzrukhal... hi. 14
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Mr. Ahzrukhal... 15
HELLO Neutral 50 Mr. Ahzrukhal... 16
HELLO Neutral 50 Excuse me, Mr. Ahzrukhal... 17
HELLO Neutral 50 Mr. Ahzrukhal. 18
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Ahzrukhal. 19
HELLO Neutral 50 Ahzrukhal... 20
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Carol. You okay? You don't look so good. 21
HELLO Neutral 50 Hi, Carol. 22
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Carol. It's been pretty quiet around here lately. 23
HELLO Neutral 50 Hi, Carol. You know, things seem a little quiet around here. 24
HELLO Neutral 50 Carol... 25
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Charon... 26
HELLO Neutral 50 I was wondering something... 27
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey... uh... Charon, is it? I was... 28
HELLO Neutral 50 Good to see you, Doctor Barrows. 29
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, Doc. 30
HELLO Neutral 50 Doc Barrows! Good to see you! 31
HELLO Neutral 50 If it isn't ol' Doc Barrows. Hey there, Doc! 32
HELLO Neutral 50 Doctor Barrows... 33
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Greta, can I get a drink? 34
HELLO Neutral 50 I'm thirsty, Greta. 35
HELLO Neutral 50 Greta, I have a thirst. 36
HELLO Neutral 50 Greta, you got a second? I wanted a drink. 37
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey Greta, can I get a drink? 38
HELLO Neutral 50 I need a drink, Greta. 39
HELLO Neutral 50 Greta, I'm still sober. Fix it, please. 40
HELLO Neutral 50 Brains... I mean "food". I'm hungry, Greta. 41
HELLO Neutral 50 Well, I'm not dead yet, so I might as well eat something. 42
HELLO Neutral 50 I want some food. 43
HELLO Neutral 50 Greta, can I get some food over here? 44
HELLO Neutral 50 Greta, can you get me something to eat? 45
HELLO Neutral 50 I'm starving, Greta. Help me out here. 46
HELLO Neutral 50 Nng. Hungry. 47
HELLO Neutral 50 Heya, Greta. 48
HELLO Neutral 50 Morning, Greta. 49
HELLO Neutral 50 Nice night, huh, Greta? 50
HELLO Neutral 50 Greta... 51
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Mister Crowley. 52
HELLO Neutral 50 Mister Crowley, hello! 53
HELLO Neutral 50 Good to see you, Mister Crowley! 54
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Mister Crowley! Nice day, isn't it? 55
HELLO Neutral 50 Mister Crowley... 56
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Patchwork. How're you holding together? 57
HELLO Neutral 50 Patchwork, buddy, how are you holding up? 58
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Patchwork... whoa there, be careful. Are you okay? 59
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Patchwork. 60
HELLO Neutral 50 Patchwork... 61
HELLO Neutral 50 Quinn, no one told me you were back! 62
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Quinn. 63
HELLO Neutral 50 Quinn... 64
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, Tulip. 65
HELLO Neutral 50 Hi, Tulip! 66
HELLO Neutral 50 Tulip... 67
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Winthrop. How's it going? 68
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, I wanted to tell you, Patchwork got drunk last week and left his booze in the air filter... 69
HELLO Neutral 50 Winthrop, I was wondering if you could take a look at the generator down in the common area... 70
HELLO Neutral 50 Heya, Winthrop. You got a second? 71
HELLO Neutral 50 Winthrop... 72
HELLO Neutral 50 This place is going to shit, have you noticed? 73
HELLO Neutral 50 You know, Winthrop does his best -- he's a great mechanic, but he just can't keep up. This place is falling apart! 74
HELLO Neutral 50 Winthrop needs some help. I mean, it's not like he has any time to train anyone to fix this shit around here. 75
HELLO Neutral 50 Every day, there's something new: the generators go down, the water has funk in it, the air filters die... 76
HELLO Neutral 50 The air is off in the common house again. It stinks of sweaty death down there. I swear, every day it's something new. 77
HELLO Neutral 50 Carol's changed at lot lately. Have you noticed? She's more... quiet. 78
HELLO Neutral 50 Carol just seems so sad these days... 79
HELLO Neutral 50 Carol used to love this place, now it's like she hardly even cares. Have you noticed that? 80
HELLO Neutral 50 Did you hear that? 81
HELLO Neutral 50 That sound just won't stop. Do you hear that? 82
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, did I tell you about... wait... do you hear that? 83
HELLO Neutral 50 Do you smell something strange? 84
HELLO Neutral 50 I keep smelling this strange smell... it's like... onions. You remember onions? Yeah. It's like that. Do you smell it? 85
HELLO Neutral 50 What the hell is that smell? I mean, it's not bad, it's just... I don't know... do you smell that? 86
HELLO Neutral 50 Have you tried the new whisky he's stocking? It's... it's something special... 87
HELLO Neutral 50 This drink is foul. And that's a Ghoul calling something foul. 88
HELLO Neutral 50 Oh man... this is nasty, but it does the job. 89
HELLO Neutral 50 This vodka really sucks. 90
HELLO Neutral 50 Have you tried this? It isn't good, but it's strong. 91
HELLO Neutral 50 Christ, the beer in this place tastes like piss... 92
HELLO Neutral 50 You know, the cider isn't half bad... for malted rat piss. 93
HELLO Neutral 50 This stuff tastes like Centaur piss. 94
HELLO Neutral 50 ...buncha goddamn worthless walking corpses... 95
HELLO Neutral 50 Jesus Christ... 123 years... what's the fucking point? 96
HELLO Neutral 50 Some days, I just wish that someone would come through here and put a bullet in all of our heads... 97
HELLO Neutral 50 Nothing but pain and misery... 98
HELLO Neutral 50 There's got to be something more than this... 99
HELLO Neutral 50 Yeah, I'm just a drunk zombie... what good am I? 100
HELLO Neutral 50 The best I can hope for is that the liquor kills me before some mutated beast turns me into a snack. 101
HELLO Neutral 50 If there were a God, I'd pray for death. 102
HELLO Neutral 50 All I ask is to go quietly. And soon. 103
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, you. 104
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey. 105
HELLO Neutral 50 Hi. 106
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello. 107
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey. How's it going? 108
HELLO Neutral 50 How's it going? 109
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, you. What's new? 110
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, man. What's happening? 111
HELLO Neutral 50 Long time, no see. What's going on with you? 112
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, what's up? 113
HELLO Neutral 50 It's been a while, what've you been up to? 114
HELLO Neutral 50 What's happening? 115
HELLO Neutral 50 What's going on? 116
HELLO Neutral 50 What's the word? 117
HELLO Neutral 50 What've you heard? 118
HELLO Neutral 50 About time someone did that. 119
HELLO Neutral 50 Bastard got what was coming to him. 120
HELLO Neutral 50 I... I thought Charon liked Ahzrukhal! 121
HELLO Neutral 50 Jesus, what did Ahzrukhal do? 122
HELLO Neutral 50 Oh my God, is he dead? 123
HELLO Neutral 50 Did you see that!? 124
HELLO Neutral 50 Yeah, what is it? 125
HELLO Neutral 50 Damn smoothskins... 126
HELLO Neutral 50 See? We're not so bad. 127
HELLO Neutral 50 It could happen to you, you know. 128
HELLO Neutral 50 What? Never seen a Ghoul before? 129
HELLO Neutral 50 What're you staring at? 130
HELLO Neutral 50 ...think you're so pretty... 131
HELLO Neutral 50 ...mmm... smooth and soft... 132
HELLO Neutral 50 <belches> 133
HELLO Neutral 50 <belches> ... mmm... 'scuse me... 134
HELLO Neutral 50 <belches> ... tasted better going down... 135
HELLO Neutral 50 <hocks something up> 136
HELLO Neutral 50 <coughs> 137
HELLO Neutral 50 <coughs> 138
HELLO Neutral 50 <coughs> ...terrible air down here... 139
HELLO Neutral 50 <wheezing cough> 140
HELLO Neutral 50 <clears throat> 141
HELLO Neutral 50 Yeah? 142
HELLO Neutral 50 You got something to say? 143
HELLO Neutral 50 Enjoying your stay? 144
HELLO Neutral 50 Phew... you smell that? 145
HELLO Neutral 50 Don't let the smell get to you. 146
HELLO Neutral 50 This is our town. You'd best be careful. 147
HELLO Neutral 50 ...think you own the place... 148
HELLO Neutral 50 We don't get a lot of your kind down here. 149
HELLO Neutral 50 Watch your step. 150
HELLO Neutral 50 Just try not to kill anyone while you're here. 151
HELLO Neutral 50 Don't mess with us, we won't mess with you. 152
HELLO Fear 100 Stay away from me! I don't want whatever you smoothskins are infecting us with! 153
HELLO Disgust 100 The one advantage of being a Ghoul was never getting sick. I guess they've taken that away from us too. 154
HELLO Fear 100 Have you seen the Chop Shop? Full of sick Ghouls... I wonder who's next? 155
UnderworldTalkAhzurkhalDrugs2 UnderworldTalk2 Neutral 50 I was wondering if I could get... you know... one of the special drinks. 156
UnderworldTalk2 Neutral 50 I need some of the special stock. You know, the stuff from behind the counter... 157
UnderworldTalk2 Neutral 50 I'm all out of the stuff you sold me yesterday. I need more. Fast. 158
UnderworldTalkAhzurkhalDrugs3 UnderworldTalk3 Neutral 50 Ah, yes! Of course, of course, my friend. See me later tonight. We'll make sure that you have all the pick-me-ups that you need. 159
UnderworldTalk3 Neutral 50 Shhh, say no more. See me later, I'll make sure that you want for nothing. 160
UnderworldTalk3 Neutral 50 No need to be shy, my friend. I'll make sure that you have everything that you ever need, so long as you have the caps to pay for it, that is. 161
UnderworldTalkAhzurkhalDrugs4 UnderworldTalk4 Neutral 50 Oh, thank you! Thank you, Mr. Ahzrukhal! Thank you so much! 162
UnderworldTalk4 Neutral 50 Oh, Mr. Ahzrukhal! I can't thank you enough! It's... it's been so hard lately... 163
UnderworldTalk4 Neutral 50 I... I'll try to wait. You are good to us, Mr. Ahzrukhal. You really are. Thank you. 164
UnderworldTalkCharonCutOff2 UnderworldTalkCharonCutOff2 Neutral 50 I was just wondering if... 165
UnderworldTalkCharonCutOff2 Neutral 50 I just wanted to know... 166
UnderworldTalkCharonCutOff2 Neutral 50 It's just that... 167
UnderworldTalkCharonCutOff2 Neutral 50 But... 168
UnderworldTalkCharonCutOff4 UnderworldTalkCharonCutOff4 Neutral 50 Some people... 169
UnderworldTalkCharonCutOff4 Neutral 50 It was just a question... 170
UnderworldTalkCharonCutOff4 Neutral 50 Well, sorry... 171
UnderworldTalkCharonCutOff4 Neutral 50 Yeah, whatever. 172
UnderworldTalkCharonCutOff4 Neutral 50 All right, all right, I'll just ask Ahzrukhal... 173
UnderworldTalkGhoulAhzurkhalDrinkResponse1 UnderworldTalkGhoulAhzurkhalDrinkResponse1 Neutral 50 Ehn. It's okay. 174
UnderworldTalkGhoulAhzurkhalDrinkResponse1 Neutral 50 It's not bad. Not bad at all. 175
UnderworldTalkGhoulAhzurkhalDrinkResponse1 Neutral 50 It's great! This must be that stuff that Quinn brought back. 176
UnderworldTalkGhoulAhzurkhalDrinkResponse1 Neutral 50 Each one is better than the last. 177
UnderworldTalkGhoulAhzurkhalDrinkResponse1 Neutral 50 It's better than that watered-down piss they pour over at Carol's. 178
UnderworldTalkGhoulAhzurkhalDrinkResponse1 Neutral 50 Liquids aren't usually the way I prefer to fly, but it's not bad. 179
UnderworldTalkGhoulAhzurkhalDrinkResponse1 Neutral 50 That's a good drink, there's no denying it. 180
UnderworldTalkGhoulAhzurkhalDrinkResponse1 Neutral 50 Yes, I am, Mr. Ahzrukhal. 181
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarChatterResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulBarChatterResponse Neutral 50 Dude. Harshing the buzz. Minus five points. 182
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarChatterResponse Neutral 50 We'd probably all be better off if the Brotherhood came through here and "purged" us. 183
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarChatterResponse Neutral 50 Yeah... every time you start feeling good, life kicks you in the ass again. 184
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarChatterResponse Neutral 50 Go away, I'm trying to enjoy myself here. 185
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarChatterResponse Neutral 50 Well, aren't you a ray of sunshine? 186
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarDrinkResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulBarDrinkResponse Neutral 50 Yeah. I ordered it yesterday... I found one of Patchwork's fingers in it. I think I'll avoid it. 187
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarDrinkResponse Neutral 50 Are you kidding? I wouldn't feed that shit to the dog. 188
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarDrinkResponse Neutral 50 I'd rather drink malted rat piss. 189
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarDrinkResponse Neutral 50 It's not half bad, I guess. 190
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarDrinkResponse Neutral 50 I don't even know what good drinks taste like anymore. 191
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarDrinkResponse Neutral 50 I've forgotten the taste of good liquor. 192
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSenseResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSenseResponse Neutral 50 Not, not really. 193
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSenseResponse Neutral 50 What are you talking about? 194
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSenseResponse Neutral 50 Not since the last time you asked. 195
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSenseResponse Neutral 50 Uhm... no. Are you okay? 196
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSenseResponse Neutral 50 Yeah, I wonder what it could be... 197
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSenseResponse Neutral 50 Yeah, that's really weird. Oh well, it's gone now. 198
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSmellResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSmellResponse Neutral 50 No, not really. 199
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSmellResponse Neutral 50 I haven't been able to smell anything for about thirty years now. 200
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSmellResponse Neutral 50 Are you joking? I lost my sense of smell before you even crinkled up. 201
UnderworldTalkGhoulBarSmellResponse Neutral 50 Yeah... kinda like onions... that's so strange... 202
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsCarolDeadResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsCarolDeadResponse Neutral 50 This place just isn't the same without her. 203
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsCarolDeadResponse Neutral 50 I don't know, maybe it's for the best. Not that I didn't love her, but this life sucks. 204
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsCarolDeadResponse Neutral 50 I miss her too. 205
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsCarolDeadResponse Neutral 50 She'll be missed. 206
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsCarolResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsChatterResponse Neutral 50 Yeah, now that you mention it. I wonder what's going on... 207
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsChatterResponse Neutral 50 Haven't noticed, don't care. 208
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsChatterResponse Neutral 50 I don't really pay attention. I only come here because I can't stand the Ninth Circle. That place is just nasty. Even I think so. 209
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsChatterResponse Neutral 50 Actually, I haven't noticed. At all. 210
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsGretaDeadResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsGretaDeadResponse Neutral 50 This place just isn't the same without her. 211
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsGretaDeadResponse Neutral 50 I don't know, maybe it's for the best. Not that I didn't love her, but this life sucks. 212
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsGretaDeadResponse Neutral 50 I miss her too. 213
UnderworldTalkGhoulCarolsGretaDeadResponse Neutral 50 She'll be missed. 214
UnderworldTalkGhoulConcourseRepairsResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulConcourseChatterResponse Neutral 50 This place is coming down around our ears. 215
UnderworldTalkGhoulConcourseChatterResponse Neutral 50 Jesus, this place is falling apart. 216
UnderworldTalkGhoulConcourseChatterResponse Neutral 50 Poor Winthrop, the guy really needs some help. 217
UnderworldTalkGhoulConcourseChatterResponse Neutral 50 One mechanic just isn't enough to keep this place going, I guess. 218
UnderworldTalkGhoulConcourseChatterResponse Neutral 50 If I knew how, I'd give Winthrop a hand, but I have no idea how all of this old junk works. 219
UnderworldTalkGhoulConcourseChatterResponse Neutral 50 It a miracle that some of this shit works in the first place. I guess it's just a matter of time... 220
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 What's new with you? 221
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 S'up? 222
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 What's happening? 223
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hey, what's up? 224
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hey, how's it going? 225
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 How're you? 226
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hey, have you heard any news? 227
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Some people are talking, what have you heard? 228
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 I'm starting to get that funny feeling again, have you heard about anything that might be going on? 229
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hey. 230
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hello. 231
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hello. 232
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hello. 233
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hi. 234
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Good morning. 235
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Good morning... I think. Is it morning? I can never tell. 236
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Mornin'. 237
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Evenin'. Not that you can really tell down here. 238
UnderworldTalkGhoulHelloResponse Neutral 50 Nice night. 239
UnderworldTalkGhoulHowAreYouResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulHowAreYouResponse Neutral 50 What do you think? 240
UnderworldTalkGhoulHowAreYouResponse Neutral 50 Are you kidding? I'm a zombie who lives underground. I think you can guess how I am. 241
UnderworldTalkGhoulHowAreYouResponse Neutral 50 Fucking terrible, but I won't bother you with the details. 242
UnderworldTalkGhoulHowAreYouResponse Neutral 50 Look at this place. Look at me. How do you think I am? 243
UnderworldTalkGhoulHowAreYouResponse Neutral 50 About as good as can be expected. 244
UnderworldTalkGhoulHowAreYouResponse Neutral 50 I can't complain. Actually, I can, but I won't. 245
UnderworldTalkGhoulHowAreYouResponse Neutral 50 I'm alright, I suppose. 246
UnderworldTalkGhoulHowAreYouResponse Neutral 50 Meh. Been better. 247
UnderworldTalkGhoulRumorNoneResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulRumorResponse Neutral 50 It's been quiet... too quiet. 248
UnderworldTalkGhoulRumorResponse Neutral 50 It's been too quiet. 249
UnderworldTalkGhoulRumorResponse Neutral 50 I haven't heard a damn thing. 250
UnderworldTalkGhoulRumorResponse Neutral 50 I never know what's going on. 251
UnderworldTalkGhoulRumorResponse Neutral 50 It's been quiet lately. At least, it's been quiet around me. 252
UnderworldTalkGhoulRumorResponse Neutral 50 Nobody tells me anything. 253
UnderworldTalkGhoulRumorResponse Neutral 50 Nothing at all. 254
UnderworldTalkGhoulRumorResponse Neutral 50 I haven't heard a damn thing. 255
UnderworldTalkGhoulWhatsHappeningResponse UnderworldTalkGhoulWhatsHappeningResponse Neutral 50 I'm still a Ghoul. That's what's happening. 256
UnderworldTalkGhoulWhatsHappeningResponse Neutral 50 I'm keeping it together. You know how it is. 257
UnderworldTalkGhoulWhatsHappeningResponse Neutral 50 Other than that thing with the Radroaches the other day, nothing at all. 258
UnderworldTalkGhoulWhatsHappeningResponse Neutral 50 Nada. 259
UnderworldTalkGhoulWhatsHappeningResponse Neutral 50 Nothing at all. 260
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 Give me a beer. 261
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 Beer. 262
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 I'll take a scotch. 263
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 Scotch, straight up. In fact, just give me the bottle. 264
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 If you've got any more of that scotch laying around, I'll take some of that. 265
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 Bring me some of that whisky, you know, the stuff that Quinn got from that guy up north. 266
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 Bring me something brown and alcoholic. 267
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 Kentucky straight. You remember Kentucky? Nah, you're too young. 268
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 How about some of that whiskey? 269
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 I'll take some of that vodka, if you have it. 270
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 I really don't care, just make sure it has liquor in it. 271
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 Bring me something warm and painful. 272
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink2 Neutral 50 I don't care, really. Whatever takes the pain away. 273
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink4 UnderworldTalkGretaDrink4 Neutral 50 I'll just be here sobering up until you get back. 274
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink4 Neutral 50 Relief can't come soon enough. 275
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink4 Neutral 50 Thank you, Greta. 276
UnderworldTalkGretaDrink4 Neutral 50 Thanks, Greta. 277
UnderworldTalkGretaFood2 UnderworldTalkGretaFood2 Neutral 50 Got any more of that Squirrel-on-a-Stick? 278
UnderworldTalkGretaFood2 Neutral 50 I'll take some of those Squirrel Bits, if you have any more. 279
UnderworldTalkGretaFood2 Neutral 50 You got any of Carol's special Squirrel Stew? 280
UnderworldTalkGretaFood2 Neutral 50 You ever wonder where all those iguanas come from? I do. I guess it don't matter, 'cause they sure are tasty. You got any? 281
UnderworldTalkGretaFood2 Neutral 50 I could really go for some Iguana. You got any left? 282
UnderworldTalkGretaFood2 Neutral 50 Doc says I should eat more Mutfruit. You guys got any? 283
UnderworldTalkGretaFood2 Neutral 50 You got any of those Mutfruits that Quinn brought back? 284
UnderworldTalkGretaFood2 Neutral 50 Sure could go for some squirrel, if you have any more. 285
UnderworldTalkGretaFood2 Neutral 50 Hrm... I haven't had noodles for a long time, you still makin' those? 286
UnderworldTalkGretaFood2 Neutral 50 I could go for some noodles. You got any? 287
UnderworldTalkGretaFood4 UnderworldTalkGretaFood4 Neutral 50 Oh, awesome. Thank you, Greta. I'm starving. 288
UnderworldTalkGretaFood4 Neutral 50 Thank you, Greta. 289
UnderworldTalkGretaFood4 Neutral 50 I'll be here. 290
UnderworldTalkGretaFood4 Neutral 50 I'll try not to starve before you get back. 291
UnderworldTalkGretaFood4 Neutral 50 Thanks, Greta. 292
UnderworldTalkResponseShort1 UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Hey, you. 293

Combat Edit

Attack Attack Neutral 50 Die, human! DIE! 294
Attack Neutral 50 You fucking humans... 295