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Under the Collar is a radiant side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthroughEdit

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Detailed walkthroughEdit

Upon acquiring the quest and travelling back to the Commonwealth, the player needs to locate the target. There are two options available for collaring them: stealth or brute force. Since the person in question is usually found in the company of others, be it civilians in cities or raiders/Gunners with their respective squads, sneaking up on them can be very difficult. If stealth is not an option, beating the target into submission in unarmed combat provides a foolproof, though potentially dangerous alternative. As soon as the collar has been put around the victim's neck, they will run off and disappear from the game the moment they leave the current cell. Returning to the quest giver to collect the reward finishes the quest.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Collar <Alias=Target> in <Alias=Location><Alias=QuestGiver> has asked me to collar <Alias=Target> at <Alias=Location>.
100 Return to <Alias=QuestGiver>
150Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete
250Quest failedIcon crossPlayer is kicked from the raiders


If the Sole Survivor gets detected while attempting to collar a target at a public location (The Third Rail is a prevalent target for this quest), everyone in the vicinity will immediately turn hostile and attack. Since this will almost inevitably lead to the deaths of numerous named characters, special care should be taken to remain hidden before enslaving the target.

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