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Uncle Roe's house is a location in Canterbury Commons that belongs to Uncle Roe.


Uncle Roe's house seems to be a pre-War fire station. It contains two main rooms, one of which seems to serve as a bedroom, and another which serves as a storage room.

Notable lootEdit

Inside Ernest "Uncle" Roe's House there are local inventories for the traveling merchants. These containers hold anything you might find in Crow, Crazy Wolfgang, Doc Hoff and Lucky Harith's inventories. While taking items from the local inventories counts as stealing and will result in loss of Karma, taking from the inventories in the storeroom will not.


Uncle Roe's house appears only in Fallout 3.


  • pcIcon pc If you go to the left hallway on the second floor, you see the roof is damaged, and broken. You can walk up the broken roof piece to the skybox. However, the room is blocked with wooden planks, and can be removed with the PC version. [verified]
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 When opening the refrigerator while Derek is sleeping, Uncle Roe's inventory may appear instead. Taking items affects your Karma as regularly. [verified]


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