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For the vehicle, see fighter jet.
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"By putting tons of brahmin shit in the vats, we found out that the fumes give more than enough of a kick. Eureka. Literally. 'Course, we had to test to get the mix right'".

Myron, Fallout 2

Jet is a highly addictive drug first synthesized by Myron. It is extracted from brahmin dung fumes and administered via an inhaler.


When Myron first encountered the Mordinos, they were farming peyote cacti and selling it to tourists as the "Reno Experience." Unfortunately, as Myron explains, peyote trips last too long, and profit is generated by fast turnaround and a high addiction rate. Furthermore, the climate was far too ravaged and irradiated to grow anything but the hardiest of plants. So, Myron began delving into growing mushrooms. Hallucinogens have low overhead and thrive in plentiful brahmin dung. From there, Myron began experimenting with derivatives of lysergic acid diethylamide, psilocybin and THC. However, the Mordinos still desired something a little harder and more addictive that could aid them in gaining control of Redding. The solution to the problem came from the brahmin fertilizer itself.

In the pre-War days, big meat companies had experimented with a cheap protein extract for growing food. However, the product had to be abandoned because any bacterial contamination (even from common skin bacteria) resulted in a complex reaction, ruining any meat and causing it to act like methamphetamine. To cut their losses, farmers fed the extract to their cattle.

Myron discovered that the fumes generated from brahmin who had been fed the contaminated protein extract could be used to create a powerful drug. By placing the augmented brahmin dung in large vats, Myron and the Mordinos were finally able to begin producing the potent drug they had been after. About a hundred slaves were killed in initial testing—mostly results of heart attacks, cerebral hemorrhages, and psychotic episodes—but jet was ultimately produced.

Thanks to Myron and jet, the Mordino family were able to build their drug empire. Grateful, they supplied their boy-genius with anything he wanted, usually whores and drugs. The Stables research team would further Myron's work, hoping to create a stronger and even more potent version, codenamed jet beta. However, the results were unsuccessful, as they could not quite get the kinks out (e.g., nasal bleeding, hallucinations, heart attacks). But they did increase the duration of its high - from 15 to 60 minutes.

Myron would die less than a year after the Chosen One defeated the Enclave, somewhat ironically stabbed to death by a jet addict while drinking in a bar at the Den. While no one remembered that Myron created jet or even remembers his name, his creation would live on, even spreading as far as the Capital Wasteland, where Murphy would attempt to produce an even more potent version, named ultrajet, designed for use by ghouls, who are barely affected by standard jet.

Meanwhile, in the Mojave Wasteland, some of the more scientifically enlightened learned about the secrets of ultrajet and sought to make it themselves, and home chemists developed a potent form of jet called rocket. Surprisingly, rocket was one of few drugs that is not known to the Great Khans, who have the drug trade in a stranglehold.


While it is said that Myron created jet, Mrs. Bishop says that she got hooked on jet by John Bishop (before they got married) and for that she got kicked out of Vault City, which would require jet to be much older than Myron is. According to Chris Avellone, what Mrs. Bishop says is a mistake and is not canon. It is more likely that Bishop got her hooked on some other drug. Consistent use of jet will have muddled Mrs. Bishop's perceptions in any case.

While most characters say it has a near-100% addiction rate, for the Chosen One the rate is only 50% in Fallout 2, and only 20% in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

In Fallout 3, jet can be found in containers located in a sealed Vault, which appears to be an unintentional product of randomized loot tables. However, non-leveled jet is placed in other locations that were seemingly untouched since the war, which is likely a mistake on the part of level designers, as jet was made years after the Great War. Although as mentioned, some vaults sent some people to trade with nearby settlements, so the jet could have come from outside vendors. Old Lady Palmer from Vault 101 used to lead such explorations, as seen in a file in the Overseer's terminal.

In Fallout 4, in the Vault-Tec Regional HQ, a pre-war log found on a terminal talks about psycho and jet being sent to Vault 95 during its construction, despite the fact that jet was invented after the war. In addition, jet can also be found lying beside some pre-War skeletons and within certain book return terminals.



Chem jet

This is the most common and basic form of jet, which all other variations are based on.



This more powerful variant of jet was first seen in the Capital Wasteland, created by a ghoul named Murphy. He created ultrajet by combining jet, Sugar Bombs, and Abraxo cleaner. Later, in the Mojave Wasteland, ultrajet is found being sold by NCR Sergeant Daniel Contreras, the only known source in the entire area. How he obtained it remains a mystery. Ultrajet is also available in the Commonwealth.

Ultrajet is harder to get addicted to than standard jet, but the addiction to it is permanent, should someone abuse it too much.


Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

This variant of jet is currently only known to be present in the Mojave Wasteland. Made by mixing jet with Nuka-Cola and detergent, the product provides a greater energy rush due to the refinement. The creation of rocket is presumably similar to the process of creating ultrajet, since they both require a cleaning agent and some form of sugar to make.

Jet FuelEdit

Gameplay article: Fallout 4

Jet Fuel is a variation of jet which is the result of combining regular jet with flamer fuel. It is currently only known to be present in the Commonwealth.

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