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Fo2 San Francisco Shuttle

The USS Quetzel is a reusable nuclear-powered spacecraft built before the Great War. It is located in the ruins of San Francisco, though it lacks both rocket boosters or an external fuel tank; a quest involves finding a fuel source for it.

There are two endings for the Hubologists regarding the shuttle that are inaccessible due to incomplete scripting. If the Chosen One does not get them fuel, the Hubologists use a cheap alternative, resulting in the shuttle blowing up during liftoff. If they get fuel, the liftoff is without complications, but the shuttle's air insulation is damaged, resulting in the Hubologist crew suffocating in space.


The USS Quetzel appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenesEdit

San Fran shuttle unused

Pressing 5 at the San Francisco map will bring you to a location with a "UNUSED ART" room - shuttle interior. Attempting to examine certain things will have you see a Shuttle wall. There is no way to exit out of this area other than using an earlier save.[verified]

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