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Gametitle-FO3 PL
Gametitle-FO3 PL

The USS Ozymandias terminal entries are found on a terminal on board the wreck of the USS Ozymandias in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Bysshe Co. terminalEdit


Bysshe Energy Partners
National Gas Survey Vessel
USS Ozymandias

Mission ParametersEdit


Bysshe Energy Partners has authorized Natural Gas Survey Project MD-16-001 to perform field research. Private Contractor Caroline Saunders shall be present as Principal Geological Chemist on behalf of Bysshe Natural Gas Co. Local authorization for this expedition is granted in agreement with the Isla Negra Real Estate company, with representatives located locally.

Principal Chemist Saunders is to take multiple soil samples and report on concentration of natural gas resources. Her spoken authorization signature will be needed on at least three Survey Sites to conduct further research in this area. Should these authorizations be granted, use this terminal to access expeditionary supplies to continue data gathering while Bysshe Co. extraction crews are assembled.

Intern Research Assistants:
Lovett, K
Roach, M
Rourke, L
Antwon, P

Enter Auth Code 001Edit


Auth Code Not Found !

Enter Auth Code 002Edit


Auth Code Not Found !

Enter Auth Code 003Edit


Auth Code Not Found !



ERROR: Security Database Corrupt
(exception at 01XC91DDDF)
\>_secure_shell_layer <corruption>

<!> Confidential <!>Edit


Task Details - Point Lookout Survey Expedition
Roach, Martin J.
<For Your Eyes Only>
Dr. Roach -

On behalf of The Bysshe Company, thank you for accepting this contract. You will be posing as a research intern, reporting to Principal Geologist Caroline Saunders. Her experience with wetlands excavation makes her the only real suitable candidate. However; Saunders is a known liberal with academic ties.

We have only recently acquired excavation rights in the area. We believe that the mass burials of the American Civil War in this region have made the soil ripe for our purposes. This is the very same reason we are apprehensive about Saunders' liberal leanings

Your primary mission is to prevent Saunders from discovering the link between Point Lookout's bloody past and its probable richness in natural bio-gas resources. Code Blue protocols are authorized per your discretion. Saunders must be prevented from hampering this resource at every cost.



[We b@(ieve Saunders has made contact <corruption> academic contact. Wire communication records ^^^^^^ that Saunders is attempting to #$(*KLL lye concentrations associated with decomposed <corruption>. Enact Code Blue Protocol, leave no evidence.]
[REPEAT: Enact Code &#}} Protocol]


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