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The USS Ebon Atoll was a United States Navy cruiser.


In 2066, the USS Ebon Atoll was accidentally sunk by the U.S. Navy submarine USS Interference during the Battle of Anchorage. The Interference mistook the Ebon Atoll for an enemy vessel during radio silence and shot it before obtaining visual confirmation with a nuclear torpedo, killing all on board. It was one of the worst U.S. Navy disasters since World War II.


Although the ship itself is not seen in the game, its US Flag, recovered after the ship's sinking in 2066, was on display at the Museum of Technology before the Great War , and is still present in the crumbling ruins of the museum during the events of Fallout 3.


The USS Ebon Atoll is mentioned in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

The USS Ebon Atoll and the subsequent incident may be a reference to Black Isle Studios and its dismissal by Interplay (Interference). "Ebon" means something made of ebony or black in color, and an "atoll" is a name for a small coral island.

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