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Gametitle-FNV HH
Gametitle-FNV HH

Two Skies Cave is a location in Zion Canyon. It is found directly west of the Old Rockville Bridge.


As you enter the cave, the path forks off to your left and right. The left path is an instant dead end, though, with nothing of value or note in it.

The right path leads down a small slope; there is a tripwire attached to two concealed shotgun traps at the bottom of this slope, where it splits into two paths - straight ahead, or right.

Going straight ahead takes you around a left-hand turn to an electrified door. With 50 repair, you can disable the door by blowing up the electrical box on the fence to the left hand side of the door. There is also a computer you can hack into. This takes you directly to the survivalist's chamber.

If you cannot get through the door, turn right at the fork. Turning right leads you down another slope into a medium sized room with another slope on the right, leading down into some water.

The water is a submerged section of cavern; for players who do not have the rebreather there are a few points where you can surface for air. You then emerge into a large cavern. This cavern is largely devoid of anything of interest, except for a door on the western edge of it. Watch out, as there are mines in front of this door. The door is locked (average). Beyond this door is the chamber formerly inhabited by the survivalist.

The chamber itself is broken into three sections. Near the south-east entrance (where you would enter the chamber from the submerged section), there's a campfire and a small shelf with a campfire sack. A raised platform has several beds and a shelf with a Survivalist hidden cache; another campfire sack is underneath the platform, next to the front ramp. Behind the platform is another area. You can find a computer with journal entries for the years 2083, 2084, and 2095. Besides the computer, this area also has a reloading bench, several explosives crates, a footlocker, and a shelf with a few boxes. The top box has a few bobby pins.

The north side of the chamber leads to the exit. A character with 50 points in either Melee Weapons or Unarmed skills can forcibly disable the generator through interaction. The other option is to hack the computer. (Note: other methods such as explosives or shooting it removes the option to interact with the generator.)

Notable loot


  • As with most caves there are numerous traps hidden throughout the cave. This cave also has a new trap, an electrified door. An average locked terminal on one side can be used to turn off the electricity by selecting "yes" after hacking the terminal. If you approach from the other side of the door, there is a generator that can be destroyed to deactivate the electricity.


Two Skies Cave appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


  • xbox360Icon xbox360 The location won't show up as a marker on the compass mini map.

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