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The turret override program is a holodisk in Fallout 4. It is created when the magazine Total Hack Control Turrets is read.


This can be found at Wildwood cemetery under the large tree in the center.


  • This can be played on any terminal or your Pip-Boy but will only affect turrets with a 'hardline' to the terminal you are using. For example, in the Corvega assembly plant you can only hack the turrets from Jared's terminal, which will only affect the internal turrets.
  • In the test map "zUnusedSubwayTerminalShowcase" (Terminals & holotapes, o my!) you can find a holodisk named "turret_override.exe" it has an identical operation as to the one in game, but has a more clean and polished interface. Looking more like a professionally made program and not a hacker's custom program.

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