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Turn Back the Fog is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Far Harbor side quest: Turn Back the Fog
Talk to Small Bertha.
Secure Echo Lake Lumber.
Return to Small Bertha.
Reward: ~15 caps
Follow Small Bertha.
Talk to Small Bertha.
Reward: ~350 XP
410 caps
Echo Lake Lumber as a settlement

Detailed walkthroughEdit

This quest is given by Small Bertha at Far Harbor after successfully doing the "Captain's Dance" and earning the trust of the residents of Far Harbor during the Rite of Passage quest.

Small Bertha asks you to clear out Echo Lake Lumber mill, which is towards the west side of the Island. The lumber mill is inhabited by a number of feral ghouls, including a glowing one, who will need to all be killed.

Once all enemies have been cleared the quest will update and the Sole Survivor must return to Small Bertha in Far Harbor to tell her the lumber mill is clear.

Also, the fog crazed "owner" of Echo Lake Lumber, Malcolm, will show up once the area has been cleared and the player will have 3 choices: Refuse to settle the land, take the caps he offers for sending settlers, or refuse to take part in the deal (he becomes hostile). If the one agrees to help Malcolm to get the caps and then kills him, the Sole Survivor is still considered to have sold out Small Bertha.

Bertha then leads you through Far Harbor to Teddy Wright and Captain Avery who are having an argument in Teddy's clinic. Through dialogue the player will help Bertha to convince Avery to provide fog condensers to make Echo Lake Lumber habitable. This completes the quest and a few settlers will be at the lumber mill next time you arrive and you will have access to the workshop there.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Secure Echo Lake LumberSmall Bertha wants to find a new home for some of the derelicts in Far Harbor. She needs me to clear out any threats at Echo Lake Lumber Mill.
200 Return to Small BerthaI cleared out all the ghouls at Echo Lake Lumber Mill. The site is ready for settlers now. I should return to Far Harbor and pass along the good news.
230 I found a trapper named Malcolm who paid me to lure Far Harbor settlers to the Lumber Mill where he will apparently eat them. The next stop is to talk to Small Bertha.
300 Follow Small BerthaSmall Bertha needs to meet with Captain Avery to get Fog Condensers so her friends can settle the Lumber Mill.
310 Talk to Small BerthaSmall Bertha needs to meet with Captain Avery to get Fog Condensers so her friends can settle the Lumber Mill.
325Quest finishedIcon check
400Quest finishedIcon checkSmall Bertha has her Fog Condensers. Some of the derelicts of Far Harbor can settle inside the island now.
450Quest finishedIcon check
500Quest finishedIcon checkQuest Completed
9000Quest failedIcon crossQuest Failed


  • pcIcon pc The quest may not update even after all the ghouls are killed. It is suggested to use V.A.T.S. to find ghouls hidden in piles. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc When DiMA's secret of killing Avery is revealed, and you make the choice that Allen Lee keeps Captain Avery alive, but chases her away from Far Harbor never to return, Small Bertha will actually run to Teddy, but the captain won't be there, talking to Small Bertha will result in her only saying: "Excuse me, ma'am." And the quest cannot be completed by any means.

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