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Trip to the Stars is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Nuka-World side quest: Trip to the Stars
Talk to Dara Hubbell at the Hubologist's camp.
Travel to Vault-Tec: Among the Stars in the Galactic Zone.
Recover 5 spacesuit costumes from the animatronics.
Deliver spacesuits to Dara.
Reward: 200/250/300/350 caps
Accept to clean the Nuka-World junkyard.
Clear the junkyard from robots.
Report to Dara.
Recover the power distributor from the barn.
Install it on the ship.
Plug 3 fusion cores into the power distribution panel.
Plug 4 fusion cores.
Report to Dara.
Report to Dara.
Reward: Hub's Alien Blaster
10 alien blaster rounds
Reward: Hub's Alien Blaster
10 alien blaster rounds
Start the ride.
Start the ride.
Reward: 450+ XP
100 alien blaster rounds
Reward: 450+ XP

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Gather 5 spacesuit costumes from the Vault-Tec: Among the Stars area of the Galactic Zone and bring them to Dara Hubbell. Follow the Hubologists to the Nuka-World junkyard to clear it from robots (either alone or with their help) or tell them the player character has cleared it already. For this Dara will reward them with the Hub's Alien Blaster.

Once cleared, collect the power distributor and some fusion cores from the junkyard and go to the spaceship ride. Adding three cores, as Dara suggests, will result in a good end to the quest. However, adding the fourth core will result in the death of the Hubologists. Once at least 3 cores and the distributor are placed, the Hubologists will enter the spacecraft. Follow them inside and activate the ride to finish the quest.

If one chooses to not kill them, Dara gives them 100 ammo for the alien blaster and all of the Hubologists relocate to the large barn northeast of the spaceship.

5-7 fusion cores can be found in the area:

  • In the subway car with a lantern hanging by the door. The car is at the bottom of the ramp from the spaceship. The core is on a shelf to the right as you enter.
  • Inside a large tea cup on a ledge above the aforementioned subway car, south of the spaceship.
  • In the nearby barn, there is a generator with a core.
  • In the same barn, the hanging gondola car has a core sitting on its floor. one may need power armor and a jet pack to reach it although a carefully timed jump from the floor above works too.
  • In a mounted bear's mouth, in a tunnel below the central pile with some crickets, ants and landmines.
  • Possibly two fusion cores from a sentry bot patrolling the area just outside the spaceship.

If one inserts 4 fusion cores instead of 3, Dara and the rest of the Hubologists will explode on the spaceship ride. Either way, the quest will be completed.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
200 Follow CleansedMet a strange man who invited me to join Hubology.
210 Talk to Dara
300 Get spacesuits (<Global=DLC04MS02_Spacesuit_Count>/5)The leader of the Hubologists asked me to get her spacesuits.
400 Deliver spacesuits to DaraI have the spacesuits that the leader of the Hubologists asked me to get.
500 Talk to DaraI gave the leader of the Hubologists the spacesuits she asked me to find.
550 Listen to DaraAfter getting the spacesuits for the Hubologists, I've agreed to help them attack the Junkyard to take control of a spaceship carnival ride that they believe is a real ship.
600 Talk to Dara at the junkyard
650 Clear the junkyard
700 Talk to Dara after her speechWearing the spacesuits I got them, the Hubologists attacked the junkyard and took control of the spaceship carnival ride.
800 Use 3 fusion cores to power the spaceshipWearing the spacesuits I got them, the Hubologists attacked the junkyard and took control of the spaceship carnival ride. Now they've asked me to get it running again. They think they can actually fly it.
805 Install a power distributor
900 Talk to DaraWearing the spacesuits I got them, the Hubologists attacked the junkyard and took control of the spaceship carnival ride. I've powered it up for them, even though they believe that will actually make it fly.
905 Start the ride
920Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete (Overloaded)
1001Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete


  • Porter Gage will love it if 4 fusion cores are placed instead of 3 and consequently kill the Hubologists.
  • Gage, Hancock, Curie and Piper will dislike starting this quest.
  • MacCready will like it if the mission is completed with the Hubologists alive, but will dislike it if they are killed.
  • Cait will like it if the mission is completed with the Hubologists dead.
  • Curie will dislike it if you complete the quest with the Hubologists dead, after inserting 4 fusion cores.
  • Preston Garvey and Nick Valentine dislike it if you complete the quest with the Hubologists alive and hate it if you complete the quest with them killed.
  • When the quest is finished, Dara will mention that she will call the player character when they are ready to use the space ship, but no such advances are ever made.
  • Once the fusion cores are placed, neither they nor any of the others can be removed.
  • If one uses FreeCam during the spaceship ride you will notice that the spaceship and Hubologists are not in fact moving, instead the Sole Survivor is simply spinning around quickly.


  • pcIcon pc After giving the five spacesuits to Dara, wildlife attacking the camp (crickets and/or white rats) in waves can wreak havoc and cause the Hubologists to scatter and die. Dara will then no longer speak to you and the quest cannot proceed to the junkyard. [verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc If you manage to get the spacesuits before the quest is given to you, the quest objective will indicate that you need to find more spacesuits even though there aren't any. However, you will still be able to hand in the spacesuits at Dara.[verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc After bringing back the spacesuits and Dara telling the other Hubologists to suit up and arm themselves, the Hubologists run out as if they're holding their weapons at the ready, though their hands appear empty. When attacked they will fire with invisible laser pistols, with the rays coming from a random point in their body (toes or back for example). Upon death their weapon will become visible again and drops on the ground. [verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc If the player hacks the sentry bot before completing this quest and brings it to the Hubologist Camp, it will attack the Hubologists. If the bot is moved elsewhere and shut down, it will teleport to it's original location in the junkyard when the quest advances to clearing out the junkyard. Shutting it down is not sufficent, it must be killed (by attacking or self-destructing) [verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc If the player installs the fusion core before talking to Dara after her speech, the quest may progress past stage 805 ("Install a power distributor") without the power distributor actually being installed. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone If the Hubologists have not entered the space ship before activating the ride, the quest might not trigger completion. [verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 Upon powering up the ride and finishing the quest, the audio for the ride will not stop, no matter what choice you made during the quest. The only way to fix this is loading a save. [verification overdue]
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone If the player is wearing one of the space suits upon returning to give them to the Hubologists, when he/she gives them to Dara she will proceed as if she has received them and the Hubologists will put on space suits in the ensuing scene, but the suits will not have been removed from the player's inventory. Nor will the player be able to remove his/her own suit via the Pip-Boy or put on another outfit. The player must drop the suits in order to take his/hers off. [verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone If four power cores are inserted, and the ride is started, but then shut down as soon as it is possible, the ride will slowly come to a halt, with the very same audio, and yet everyone will still inexplicably die, despite not moving.[verification overdue]