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For the Fallout 4 quest, see Treasure Hunt.

Treasure hunt is a paper note in Fallout: New Vegas.


It can be found attached to a training dummy's midsection inside the storage building at Black Mountain.



To Whom It May Concern (You!),

We got some pretty good stuff from the last raid, and unlike last time, I don't want any incidents. The only logical conclusion was to hide everything throughout this room. If you can read this, you have my permission to use any items you can find.

Stuff I hid:

1 Missile Launcher
3 Missiles
3 Bricks of C4
5 Frag Grenades
1 Super Stimpak
Various Ammo

Your Benevolent Supreme Overlord,



Tabitha left a note on the torso of the training dummy (arrow points down towards it) stating the last raid netted some good loot, and to prevent any "incidents" the only "logical" thing to do was to hide the ordnance throughout the room.

  • 20 9mm rounds in the pot next to the yellow bin in front of the reloading bench.
  • 27 5.56mm rounds in a bin in the south west corner on the second shelf, next to the chair.
  • A Missile launcher in the south corner of the room.
  • 4 missiles: one inside a brick with garden gnome on it in the north corner; another on the shelf next to the last missile behind a damaged garden gnome; and one more inside a red cone on the lowest shelf next to the missile launcher. There is in fact a fourth missile, near the second missile, wedged between the upside down desk legs and the board that sits across it. Crouch in third person view and you should be able to grab it. The desk is the one with a trunk on it not the one supporting Rhonda (broken Mister Handy).
  • 3 bricks of C-4 plastic explosive: behind the metal trunk in the northeast corner of the building; the left side of the desk that Rhonda was sitting on; on top of the Nuka-Cola machine.
  • 5 frag grenades: 2 in a yellow bowl on the second shelf near a Nuka-Cola vending machine; 2 in a yellow bowl on the top shelf near the stack of tires in the northeast corner (drag shopping cart over and jump on it to get them); 1 on top of an overhead light in the south corner of room.
  • Super stimpak: under a metal pot on the shelf near a footlocker that's under a table to the player's right from the entrance.

Other items of interestEdit

  • 1 Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap on the shelves to the player character's left, from the entrance. Second shelf from the end on the bottom rack, between the two wooden sarsaparilla crates, its the small red dot.
  • 1 Nuka-Cola Victory to the right of the reloading bench.
  • Several crafting ingredients in various metal boxes and toolboxes.
  • As you enter the room there will be a baseball bat at the Northern part of the room. Equip it (or any melee or unarmed weapon) and start moving south where Rhonda is, before you get there there will be a shelf against a wall with a street sign to the left and a sack to its right. It has a ball, a globe, 2 roller skates, a block, and a traffic cone. With the baseball bat, hit the globe and, if done correctly, it will begin to spin rapidly for a lengthy amount of time followed by an immediate stop. You can hit it as many times as you want but it may fall over. Hitting it continuously will cause it to spin and stop according to your swings.