This page lists the simulations of the Tranquility loungers, operated by Stanislaus Braun in Vault 112 in the year 2277.


  • Toucan Lagoon has a jungle landscape, and Braun enjoyed seeing people die there. He eventually got bored of it, and switched to Tranquility Lane. According to his failsafe entry on it, it was set on a beach with mako sharks. He got very tired of seeing the same things; Simpson dying of scurvy, Neusbaum screaming as he was devoured by the sharks, and went onto Slalom Chalet.
  • Slalom Chalet was one of his favorite simulations, but he got tired of it after 23 years and went to Tranquility Lane. It is set in the Swiss Alps. His favorite moment here was Dithers slipping off the ice stairs, flying into the air, and impaling herself on a fence.
  • Tranquility Lane is a virtual reality simulation housed in Vault 112, created by Dr. Stanislaus Braun. It is situated around a typical American suburb with houses surrounding a street that surrounds a playground in the center. The player is tasked by Betty with an escalating series of violent tasks ranging from making a child cry to killing residents for Betty's entertainment in order to free the player's father, James, from the simulation. As an alternative to completing the violent tasks, the player may activate the "fail safe" solution, which will also kill the residents but they will at least be freed of Betty's torment and grant good Karma instead of bad. Both solutions result in the release of the player and his/her father from the simulation. (For the main article on this simulation, see Tranquility Lane)


The Tranquility Lane simulation appears in Fallout 3, while the Toucan Lagoon and Slalom Chalet simulations are only mentioned in a terminal inside the Tranquility Lane simulation.