The trading emporium is a constructible settlement item featured in Fallout 4.


The trading emporium is the top tier trader (junk) shop built using the workshop. There are 2 versions of the trading emporium. The metal outdoor stand with front shutters which has a crudely drawn shopping trolley and "general trader" written underneath affixed to the shop ceiling. The second version is the store counter with "general" written across the front left hand side in green capitals with two rows of backless shelves on the right hand side, consisting of 2 shelves to a row. The trading emporium has the widest range of goods available of the three trader shops.

A settler must be assigned to the trading emporium in order for it to function as a shop and increase settlement happiness.

The sign at the top of stand will clip through the roof in single story player character buildings, and may make placement of the trading emporium difficult.


Bottlecap (1500)
Steel (3)
Wood (5)
rangeIcon range
Local Leader: Rank 2
levelIcon level
Trading emporium (1)


  • With Cap Collector rank 3, one can invest 500 caps into a trading emporium and it will affect any other trading emporiums within the settlement network if they are connected through a supply line.
  • Upgrades to a rank 4 trading emporium if assigned Trader Rylee, Tina De Luca or Vault-Tec rep.

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