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You see a piece of paper with writing on it. It looks like it's part of a code of some sort. Unfortunately, the code is incomplete. If only you could find all three pieces.

Torn papers are miscellaneous items in Fallout 2.


They are three pieces of paper with writing on it, and part of a code. Combined, they form one of the password paper.

  1. Torn paper 1 - Codewords: Physics Password KSLJ, Chemistry Password TIU and Biology Password INTL.
  2. Torn paper 2 - Codewords: KJ: Ken-Lee-9, ASPO- Lo-S and VR- Dnky-Pnch-
  3. Torn paper 3 - Codewords: 7313, hi-S12908 and 98790}


They have been scattered around the Steel Palace.

  • Torn paper 1 in the bathroom in the west area (just to the right of the toilet),
  • Torn paper 2 in the small kitchen area just south of the same toilet.
  • Torn paper 3 in the upper corner of the sleeping area in the southeast.

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