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For the toolbox in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, see Toolbox.

The toolbox is a settlement object and container in Fallout 4.


Toolboxes are rectangular, steel boxes with rounded edges. The lid is a top lifting with a hinge on the back and accounts for approximately one third of of the outer body.

Toolboxes are found in most locations in the Commonwealth and usually contain junk. Typically the items found include at least one form of adhesive, such as wonderglue and tools. They can also contain other DIY items like fuses and light bulbs.


The toolbox is located under Furniture → Containers in the workshop.

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  • Clark's toolbox - In the ladies' restrooms to the west of the Fizztop Mountain's pond. Contains "For Deke", a holotape written by Clark to Deke about Deke's half of some (likely stolen) goods. The key to this cache is found with the holotape in the toolbox.


Although toolboxes are commonly found throughout the Commonwealth, the following locations have significant number within them:


The pre-War toolbox is identical in appearance to the standard toolbox. Its name relates to the chance of spawning pre-War condition junk items.


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