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Toilets are settlement objects and world objects in Fallout 4 and its add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.


There are seven variants of the toilet.

Two are traditional with an oval bowl and rectangular tank. They are made from steel and the only difference is that one is clean and the other is dirty. Neither of the two toilets can be sat on or drunk from.

Three of the toilets are made from ceramic and always appear dirty with a broken seat. One is missing the entire cistern.

In the Institute there is a special variant of the toilet. It is smaller than the regular toilet with a smaller cistern. The lid lifts up when the toilet is in use, and is lowered afterwards.

The last toilet is the vault toilet, which seems to be made from steel.


The toilets are located under Furniture → Miscellaneous in the workshop. The clean variant can only be built once Vault 88 has been acquired as a settlement.

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  • Can be crafted and used at any settlement.
  • The clean variant can be found in vaults in the Commonwealth.
  • The Institute variant can be found in every bathroom in the Institute.