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The Ticker Tape Lounge is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is located a short distance northeast of the Mass Bay Medical Center and is accessible by heading towards the Mass Bay Medical Center on the highway from the Fallen Skybridge.


The Ticker Tape Lounge is separated into two sections split by a short hallway and each section has two levels. There is mostly low-value junk lying around.

Western SectionEdit

The ground level contains a fire barrel near the stairs, an ammo box on a counter directly to the right after entering and a safe behind the counter, which is getting desperately kicked by a Gunner.

The upper level contains no lootable containers, several couches and as the only highlight a chaise.

Eastern SectionEdit

The ground level contains the kitchen area, the caved-in ceiling building a ramp to the upper level, a cooking station and a chemistry station under the stairs.

The upper level contains an ammo box, an explosive box, a sleeping bag, a mattress and several diner booths.

The exit leads to a little balcony with two Gunners and the elevator to the Mass Bay Medical Center roof.

Notable lootEdit


  • May also be accessed via an operating window cleaning elevator from the Mass Bay Medical Center roof but only to descend.


The Ticker Tape Lounge only appears in Fallout 4.


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