Thomas Reinhardt was the CEO of ArcJet Systems in 2077.[1]


In February 2075, Thomas Reinhardt began working to secure contracts from the United States Space Administration for their Mars Shot Project, believing the contract would "put ArcJet on the map." In the hopes that he would succeed, he ordered his team to begin working on the XMB booster engine before actually guaranteeing it would pay off. In August, his gamble paid off when the USSA approved the contract, with Reinhardt promising to be complete by July 2077.[2]

In September, he hired military contractor Dr. Rory McClellan to head the XMB booster team.[3] Reinhardt also ordered higher security for the facility, including a more secure terminal for himself and automated security turrets in the office hallways.[4]

In March 2076, Reinhardt began to panic as he was informed the XMB booster engine was one month behind schedule due to being over the USSA's strict weight allowance.[5] In July, the USSA began its public relations campaign for the Mars Shot Project, with Reinhardt attending fifteen interviews, during which he had to lie about how well the XMB booster was doing.[6] In November, Dr. McClellan solved the weight issue, to Reinhardt's happiness, and Reinhardt began scheduling public photoshoots for February 2077. [7]

A few hours before the photoshoot, a photographer snuck into the facility and was accidentally incinerated during a test fire of the XMB booster. Fearing that public knowledge of this incident would result in ArcJet's closing, Reinhardt ordered security chief Sam Brent to dispose of the ashes and destroy the security video of the incident.[8] However, in October Dr. McClellan discovered what happened and confronted Reinhardt, which Reinhardt responded by threatening to kill Dr. McClellan and his family.

With the Great War happening shortly afterward, Reinhardt's fate is ultimately unknown.


Thomas Reinhardt is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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