The Vault of the Future is an ambient music track composed by Mark Morgan for the Fallout soundtrack. The track is available as a part of the Vault Archives compilation.


If one listens closely, Russian murmuring as well as whispering voices in reverse can be heard, which says: "…в докладах рассматривается эволюция ядерных арсеналов и социально психологическая проблема гонки вооружения…"(English translation: "...the report examines the evolution of nuclear arsenals and socially psychological problem of the arms race ...").


The Vault of the Future appears in Fallout, it is played while the Vault Dweller is in Vault 13. It also makes an appearance in Fallout: New Vegas, while the Courier is in Vault 22 or Vault 34.


Fallout 1 2 Soundtrack - The Vault of the Future04:06

Fallout 1 2 Soundtrack - The Vault of the Future