The Tops presidential suite

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The Tops presidential suite is an expensive suite located in The Tops hotel and casino. The key can be obtained from Benny during Ring-a-Ding-Ding!.


The Tops presidential suite is an expansive suite of rooms, featuring a huge living room, complete with bar and pool tables, as well as a planning room with a large table for meetings, and a properly sectioned off kitchen, a small living room, two bathrooms, and a bedroom.

  • In the bar area there are 2 pool tables, a few couches and chairs, a TV and a bar table. Along with these, there is a safe in the wall to the left of the bar which is initially locked.
  • In the meeting room there is a large table with bookshelves.
  • In the small living room there is a couch and some chairs along with a TV.
  • In the kitchen there is a stove, 2 fridges, kitchen counter and tool cabinet.
  • In the bedroom with bathroom there is a king size bed, shelves, a desk and briefcases.

All storage in the Tops suite is "safe" and though items that originate in the suite tend to return to the place they started if moved, items brought in from outside the suite will remain in what ever place you put them.

Notable loot


  • This location cannot be used to store weapons unless the player convinces Swank to let them carry their weapons.


The Tops presidential suite only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

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