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What the hell kind of contraption is that?

Old Longfellow

The Striker is a unique weapon featured in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


A large projectile launcher, able to fire modified bowling balls by default and mini nukes once modified.

When hitting an NPC, a "strike" sound effect may play, similar to how the railway rifle plays a train "choo choo" when reloading.

Reading through the terminal entry "That was Close!" on the nearby terminal will give you access to the ability to make modified bowling balls at any chemistry station with the proper materials.

Weapon modificationsEdit

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Gun Nut rank Science! rank Components Base ID
Launcher Bowling ball launcher Standard. xx02740c


This weapon can be obtained in Beaver Creek Lanes. It is located in an upstairs office that can be accessed by taking the stairs up in the employees only hallway.


  • The ability to use modified bowling balls as an ammo type is actually just a mod that can be removed and used on any Fat Man launcher.
  • You are able to retrieve the bowling balls that have been launched, much like with the Junk Jet.
  • Placing the bowling ball launcher mod on a Fat Man with a two-shot legendary prefix (such as Big Boy), you end up "making" ammo rather than spending it, if you retrieve all projectiles that are launched.
  • A good supply of bowling balls can be found in the bowling alley at the General Atomics Galleria.