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For the character, see Silver Shroud.

The Silver Shroud is a side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side quest: The Silver Shroud
Listen to Silver Shroud Radio station in or around Goodneighbor.
Go to the Memory Den in Goodneighbor.
Talk to Kent Connolly and accept his request.
Travel to Hubris Comics
Recover the Silver Shroud outfit and hat.
Talk to Kent in the Memory Den.
Become the Silver Shroud.
Reward: ??? caps
Give the Silver Shroud photo to Kent.
Reward: 75 caps
Give the Silver Shroud script to Kent.
Reward: 125 caps
Give the Silver submachine gun prop to Kent.
Reward: 120 caps
Listen to the Silver Shroud Radio Station in Goodneighbor.
Find, kill, and leave a Silver Shroud calling card as the Silver Shroud on the three murderers Connolly describes.
Go to the National Guard training yard.
Kill Shelly Tiller.
Reward: 500 caps in a dead drop outside Goodneighbor.
Meet with Hancock as the Silver Shroud.
Kill Smiling Kate and Northy.
Search their bodies for clues.
Return to the Memory Den to find Kent gone.
Listen to the Silver Shroud radio.
Travel to Milton General Hospital.
Confront Sinjin.
Optional: save Kent.
Return to Hancock.
Reward: 450+ XP
750 caps
Silver Shroud costume upgrades (if Kent survives)

Detailed walkthroughEdit

  1. Listen to Silver Shroud Radio near Goodneighbor to get the quest.
  2. Go to the Memory Den and speak to Kent Connolly and agree to find the suit. A persuasion check can be passed to get some caps up front.
  3. Go to Hubris Comics, it has a lot of unique loot, but also a lot of ghouls, so be wary.
  4. (Optional) On the second floor, a Silver Shroud photo can be found in a display case next to a baseball bat and ball. On the third floor, the Silver Shroud script can be found next to the producer's terminal. On the top floor, in the studio behind the backdrop, the Silver submachine gun prop can be found.
  5. Grab the Silver Shroud costume from the studio and return to Kent.
  6. Kent will give the player the reward, plus a little extra for getting the rest of the items (75+125+120=320 caps for everything). After that he will offer the player the suit, gun and a few stimpaks after a persuasion check. The player character can also decline the offer, but that will leave the quest open with instructions to talk to Kent.
  7. Once the offer has been accepted, Kent gives the player the suit and a genuine Silver Shroud submachine gun, and instructions to listen to the Silver Shroud Radio station while in Goodneighbor. The Silver Shroud submachine gun is not required for any of the following parts of the mission, although it is necessary to wear the Silver Shroud costume to get "Speak as the Shroud" response options.
  8. While outside in Goodneighbor, listen to the radio to get the next few targets.
  9. The first target is Wayne Delancy, behind the Hotel Rexford, who is accused of murder. Wayne is not immediately hostile and therefore can be spoken to as the Shroud. The player will have the option of asking Wayne about the murder, which Wayne will confess to if the player speaks as the superhero, or threatens him. Once Wayne is dead leave a Silver Shroud calling card on his corpse.
  10. The next target is AJ, near Bobbi No-Nose's place, who is accused of selling drugs to children. AJ has two bodyguards with him, but none are immediately hostile, so he can be spoken to as the Shroud. AJ gives the option to take a bribe to leave him alone. One can either kill AJ and leave a calling card, or accept the bribe (50, 75, 90 or 200 caps, depending on persuasion).
  11. The next target is Kendra. To reach her, ask Whitechapel Charlie in the Third Rail where she is. He'll ask for money but speaking like the Silver Shroud will convince him to give the info for free.
  12. Kendra is in Water Street apartments just south of Goodneighbor. There will likely be enemies along the way, and there are raiders inside the building. All opposition is immediately hostile, except for Kendra herself, who can be spoken to as the Shroud.
  13. On reaching Kendra she will tell the player that the player is in over their head, and will then attack. Kendra also has a contract on her body once killed. Leave the calling card on her and head back to Goodneighbor.
  14. (Optional) On taking the contract from Kendra the player can go to the National Guard training yard to kill Shelly Tiller. Once that's done, the payment (500 caps) can be collected just outside Goodneighbor.
  15. On returning to Goodneighbor, the radio station will broadcast that John Hancock wants to meet with the Silver Shroud. Go to the meeting and he will task the player with taking down Northy and Smiling Kate. The previous targets were working for them, and they all work for Sinjin. The player can pass a couple persuasion checks, but it requires breaking character. Doing so has no negative effects but if the player has high enough Charisma, more caps are given up front for the job (50).
  16. At Smiling Kate's quest marker she can be overheard plotting with some of Sinjin's men. None of them are immediately hostile, so it is possible to talk with her as the Shroud. (All will turn hostile once dialogue is complete.) Kill Kate and her accomplices.
  17. At Northy's quest marker all targets are immediately hostile. Kill Northy and his accomplices.
  18. On the body of whichever of the above two was killed last will be a holotape (Find the Silver Shroud). Listen to it to learn that Sinjin has targeted Kent.
  19. Return to Goodneighbor and follow the quest marker to the Memory Den. Irma will explain that Kent was taken by a group of armed raiders.
  20. Tune to Silver Shroud Radio to learn that Sinjin has taken Kent to Milton General hospital. Upon arriving, there may be leveled super mutant opposition at the adjacent locations, and there is a random encounter at the rear of the building.
  21. Important: It's recommended to save right before entering the building and be sure to enter dressed as the Silver Shroud. Several users have reported that this portion of the quest may need to be completed without power armor to avoid Kent being killed immediately. Power armor can be worn, but only without the helmet - the Shroud Hat must be worn instead. This was triggered by the targeting HUD bug, but has been fixed by the 1.5 patch.
  22. Look out for raiders and traps in the building. Head down to the basement, then follow the winding path. Take the last elevator to confront Sinjin. From here there's several options.
    1. Stealth: A stealth approach to this encounter is surprisingly dangerous. If Sinjin detects the Sole Survivor at any time, then stealth kicks back in, he will yell "You're not walking away from this!", kill Kent, then turn hostile. If Sinjin is killed with a stealth headshot, the unnamed raiders will turn and kill Kent, starting with the one to the left of the elevator. Avery is the only person not scripted to kill Kent, but commonly strafes behind him while shooting, inadvertently killing him in the process.
    2. Headshots: At lower difficulty levels, just before the elevator doors open pop some jet and Mentats and equip a high powered, scoped rifle. Move forward and, in V.A.T.S., kill the unnamed raiders and shoot Sinjin in the head. Even if Sinjin does not die, he will stagger and may take a second to use a stimpack, giving time to finish him off before he can kill Kent. Once they are dispatched, move out of elevator to the left to avoid Avery strafing behind Kent, then finish her off.
    3. Melee: While it might be difficult to rush Sinjin with a melee weapon, the area at which he considers the player a threat is measured solely by distance. That means you can safely approach the raider on the right and use the boxes next to him to gain elevation. From here, slowly creep forward until you find the spot at which Sinjin will attack you. Save right before it and rush onto the platform, sprinting, then using the leap animation (which triggers when you attack while sprinting) to close the final bit of distance. With enough damage, you should be able to kill Sinjin before he gets off a shot.
    4. Intimidate: Speak as the Shroud and Sinjin's bodyguards will run. The same thing can be accomplished with a difficult speech check for more XP. However this method will cause Sinjin to immediately target Kent. If playing on survival difficulty it could be difficult for some characters to defeat Sinjin before he has a chance to kill Kent. To remedy this situation use the Syringer along with some Pax syringes (Yellow Belly will not work) and jet or V.A.T.S. in order to pacify Sinjin for 30 seconds. Or, if one can manage, activate a critical hit on Sinjin's head with their best gun to kill him instantly.
    5. Pacify: For those with a high Charisma and the appropriate perk, it is possible to pacify Sinjin and his bodyguards on exiting the lift, before the dialogue options appear. After choosing option 1 or 2 above they will not target Kent, especially if turning the bodyguards against each other. This leaves Sinjin as a target.
    6. Persuade: A difficult persuasion check can make Sinjin target the player instead of Kent. Need a CHR level of about 8 or 9 to succeed. May take a couple tries.
    7. Beg: Sinjin can be asked to spare Kent, but he just kills Kent immediately.
    8. Kill Kent: Upon exiting the elevator, the player can kill Kent before talking to Sinjin. This will trigger unique dialogue where Sinjin and his gang panic. Wearing Shroud's costume will further allow another unique dialogue where the player can turn Sinjin's gang to their side.
    9. Brute Force: Have a combat shotgun armed before leaving the elevator. Exit elevator and let Sinjin speak. Walk forward till he says not another step. Pop some psychojet and charge the platform. Two V.A.T.S. shots to Sinjin's head and then two to Avery's. Turn and kill the other two raiders.
    10. Silver Shroud: Speak to Sinjin three times in a row as the Silver Shroud and then kill him before he finishes his dialogue after Avery comments that the Silver Shroud is real. This will cause all the raiders (including Avery) to run away and become pacified. If one attempts to talk to Avery or the other two raiders after, they will say they did not want to work for Sinjin anyway.
  23. Once Sinjin and his goons are defeated, speak with Kent, if he is alive. He can be persuaded to continue to work for the Silver Shroud or not, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Don't forget to loot the steamer trunk in the raised office behind Kent.
  24. Go back to Goodneighbor and speak with Hancock to collect the reward. Talking with Kent again, he says that he will work up another job for the Silver Shroud later which will give a better version of the Silver Shroud costume.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
25 Talk with Kent ConnollySomeone named Kent Connolly is calling all Silver Shroud fans for an "urgent mission." If I want to check it out he's at the Memory Den.
100 Get the Silver Shroud costumeA ghoul named Kent Connolly wants to play caped crusader as the Silver Shroud. But he's missing a genuine Silver Shroud costume which can be found at a local Hubris Comics.
200 Give Kent the Silver Shroud costumeI found Kent's costume in a feral-infested comic book store. He'll pay handsomely if I bring it to him.
390 Talk with Kent - Quest rejected; option to returnSo Kent Connolly wants me to pretend to be the Silver Shroud. I shot the idea down. If I change my mind I'm sure if I drop by the Memory Den he'll welcome me back with open arms.
400 Listen to Silver Shroud station in GoodneighborSo Kent's going to use his radio station like a police scanner. I'm supposed to wear the costume, patrol Goodneighbor's streets, tune in, and fight crime. What could go wrong?
410 Talk with Whitechapel CharlieSo it sounds like I'm targeting another psychopath - an assassin named Kendra. Whitechapel Charlie at the Third Rail can help me track her down. Costume optional.
420 Kill Kendra
430 Put calling card on Kendra's bodyWhitechapel Charlie backed up Kent's tale about Kendra. With some persuasion the bartender gave up her whereabouts. Water Street Apartments. Deal with her then leave my patented calling card.
440 Listen to Silver Shroud station
442 (Optional) Assassinate Shelly Tiller
445 (Optional) Collect assassination payment
450 Deal with AJAJ is a chem dealer who has been peddling his garbage to kids. So Kent wants the Silver Shroud to strike again. And leave another calling card.
480 Put calling card on AJ's bodyThe AJ situation is dealt with. Let's see what Kent has next with his little radio station.
500 Kill Wayne DelancyApparently Wayne Delancy is a low-life who murdered a mother and her kid. Kent wants me to deal out some Silver Shroud justice then leave a calling card on his corpse.
590 Put calling card on Wayne's bodyWayne Delancy's dead. So time to listen in on Kent's radio station for my next assignment.
598 Talk with Hancock
599 Listen to Silver Shroud station in Goodneighbor
600 Meet Hancock as the ShroudSo Hancock wants to meet the Silver Shroud. I wonder how he feels about me killing people on his streets?
700 Kill Smiling Kate and NorthyHancock informed me that a dangerous raider named Sinjin is planning revenge against the Shroud. If I deal with Smiling Kate and Northy, hopefully I can find Sinjin's whereabouts.
800 Kate Dead
900 Northy dead
950 Search the body for clues
1000 Find KentSinjin's heading to Goodneighbor to pay a "special" visit to Kent. I need to get to the Memory Den quickly. Kent is in trouble.
1100 Listen to Silver Shroud station
1200 Kill SinjinSinjin's kidnapped Kent and is holding him hostage at Milton General Hospital. He's setting a trap for the Silver Shroud. He's going to get more than he bargained for.
1303 Meet with Hancock as the Shroud - Kent deadSinjin's been dealt with but Kent didn't make it. But Mayor Hancock's job was to kill Sinjin, so I'm still owed a reward.
1359 Talk with KentSinjin's down and Kent's been saved. I should check in on him. Kent looks pretty rattled.
1360 Meet with Hancock as the ShroudAfter being tortured by Sinjin, Kent was understandably rattled. But he's alive and heading back to Goodneighbor. I should do the same. Hancock promised me a reward.
1400Quest finishedIcon checkQuest completeA very dangerous man, Sinjin, has been dealt with. The legend of the Silver Shroud lives on. I wonder what Kent would've thought of it all.
1425Quest finishedIcon checkQuest completeSo Kent and I dealt with an evil gang and its boss, Sinjin. Not bad work for the Silver Shroud. Kent's working on a special project just for me. He'll fire up the radio station when it's done.
9000Quest failedIcon crossQuest Failed

Companion reactionsEdit

Choosing different companions at various stages in this quest can affect their affinity. Below are some pointers to help the player decide who to bring.

Talking to KentEdit

  • Preston Garvey, Nick Valentine, Deacon, Piper, Codsworth, Hancock and Curie like choosing "glimmers of hope" when talking about how the old days compare to 2287 and selecting "Good for you" when hearing Kent's plan. They dislike calling him crazy. Cait, MacCready, and Strong have opposing preferences, with Preston and Strong disliking the "Humor him" option. X6-88 loves saying "the world sucks" and likes "You're crazy."
  • Piper and X6-88 both dislike keeping the costume. Curie, Piper, and Preston like telling Kent "Believe in yourself". X6-88 has no reaction.

Speaking as the Silver ShroudEdit

  • Codsworth, Curie, Paladin Danse, and Piper generally like when the Sole Survivor speaks as the Shroud. Deacon and Preston Garvey love it. Strong, Cait, and X6-88 may dislike it. Porter Gage dislikes speaking as the Shroud. Speaking as the Shroud may also increase the affinity changes.


  • Deacon dislikes asking for a bribe and additionally dislikes taking it, and loves threatening AJ as the Shroud. He merely likes the non-costumed alternative "Demand he stops."
  • X6-88 likes asking for a bribe upfront and likes again when taking it. He dislikes "Threaten as Shroud" but has no reaction to "Demand he stops."
  • Cait dislikes killing AJ (unless he's killed after taking the bribe) but likes it if the bribe is taken. This may not be true after her companion quest.[verification overdue]
  • MacCready also likes taking the bribe. Piper, Preston, and Hancock dislike it. Nick and Danse like refusing it. Strangely, refusing the bribe is also liked by MacCready, who will have an extra line explaining to AJ that he's going along with his boss.
  • Virtually everyone dislikes "How about I just walk away?" in the second dialogue, the "good" companions for not standing up for justice and the "evil" companions for not even getting money out of doing so.


  • X6-88 and MacCready like choosing "Wayne deserved it" or "Attack."

Assassinating Shelly TillerEdit

  • Assassinating Shelly is considered murder, so companions who approve/disapprove of murder will react appropriately. There is no dialogue with her, she simply states that "dangerous people are coming" and indicates nervousness at your presence.

Talking to HancockEdit

  • X6-88 loves and MacCready likes telling Hancock "This is your problem." X6-88 has no reaction to anything else, even asking for more caps (which he normally likes).


  • X6-88 likes killing Kent right off the bat before Sinjin has had a chance to speak. Piper hates this.
  • Telling Sinjin that friends are not a weakness is liked by Nick Valentine, Paladin Danse, Piper, Strong, and Preston. It is loved by Curie and it is disliked by Cait and MacCready. X6 has no reaction.
  • MacCready likes telling Sinjin that you do it for the money.
  • Threatening Sinjin's men is considered a violent act and companions will react appropriately.
  • X6-88 likes threatening Sinjin's men, dislikes daring him to "Kill [you] first" and the "Spare Kent" dialogue.
  • Preston Garvey and Hancock love delivering the Silver Shroud's catchphrase ("Death has come for you, evildoer. And I am its Shroud!"). X6-88 dislikes it.
  • Deacon, Hancock, Nick Valentine, Piper, and Preston Garvey like it if Kent is saved. Paladin Danse dislikes it. X6 doesn't care about his ultimate fate either way.
  • MacCready hates it if Sinjin is pacified.

Talking to KentEdit

  • Encouraging Kent to continue fighting crime is liked by Codsworth, Curie, Hancock, Nick Valentine, Paladin Danse, and Piper. It is disliked by Cait, MacCready, and Strong. Telling him it's for the best to stop is liked by MacCready and Strong.


  • Kent locks himself in his room while the quest is in progress. Do not leave anything in that room that may be needed for the quest (e.g. weapons or armor).
  • If Hancock has been recruited as a companion and sent to a settlement, he will have to be spoken to in order to progress some parts of the quest. This may extend the travel requirements of the quest, or it will save time if he is following the player during this quest.
  • Hancock has two different versions of the dialogue in which he warns about Sinjin. If he is available as a companion, it will default to the second version, which is shorter and assumes he has been traveling with the player character to kill Kent's targets even if he has not. Companions will only react to responses in the first, pre-recruitment dialogue. Only Hancock's affinity can be affected by the second dialogue, despite the responses being similar to those in the first version, and even if this dialogue is carried out in a settlement full of the other companions. Further, to initiate the dialogue and continue the quest, Hancock must be the active companion, then selecting "Talk," thus the first version can never be gotten if The Big Dig has advanced far enough.
  • In order to complete the quest, you need to speak with Hancock. Reaching this phase of the quest may move him back to the Old State House in Goodneighbor.[verification overdue] Also, Hancock may need to be the active companion in order to get the right dialogue and complete the quest.
  • Nick and Curie may be sent to the Memory Den in accordance with Dangerous Minds and Emergent Behavior (which requires completing 'Dangerous Minds' but Nick will remain in the Den until he is spoken to). Since they share reactions to dialogue with Kent, it is possible to raise both of their affinities together by selecting the appropriate options. With another "good" companion like Piper following, it can be three.
  • Going into Hubris Comics and collecting the outfit before activating the quest will cause it to stay inactive until speaking to Kent Connolly in the Memory Den.
  • If accepting the Shroud Suit in step 6 above, one will be unable to remove it from the inventory until the quest line is completed. As the suit has a weight of 7, make sure to plan on completing the quest line before accepting the Shroud Suit.
    • If the suit is collected before the quest starts, it will also be unable to be removed from the inventory until the quest has been started and then completed (see above about collecting the suit prior to quest start).
  • If any of the Shroud memorabilia (photo, script, etc.) is collected along with the suit and hat, they will be marked as quest items and automatically removed when handing the Shroud suit over to Kent. To keep the memorabilia, return to Hubris Comics and collect it after Kent returns the suit, or refuse Kent's initial offer to take the suit.
  • Deciding to keep the costume allows the player to advance to accept the mantle of the Silver Shroud without passing the costume over to Kent, who hands it back to you as armor anyway. Thus, this option means missing out on 125 caps for handing the costume over. However, the player will keep the Silver submachine gun prop regardless of either choice.
  • During the confrontation with AJ, one of the bodyguards may pick up the Fat Man from Kill or Be Killed and use it against the player.
  • Upon entering the hospital's front door it is possible that Sinjin will immediately kill Kent. It is unclear what triggers this action. Reload from a previous save and try again if trying to save Kent. (Power Armor known to cause issues, possibly caused by targeted HUD mod on helmet [verified]). Additionally, Berry Mentats specifically will cause Kent to be killed. If they are taken any time before entering the room with Sinjin, Kent will be killed shortly afterward.
    • Sometimes Sinjin kills Kent while the player is on the way down. Then load the save game when you entering the Hospital, open console and use tcl to go straight down to Sinjin. Make the desired dialogue decisions and Kent could survive.
  • One should take extreme caution if they have the fourth rank of the Big Leagues perk, as attacking Sinjin with a melee weapon will most likely result in the player killing Kent by accident.
  • It is possible to prevent Sinjin from killing Kent after intimidating his henchmen as the Shroud, by using Jet or entering V.A.T.S. and shooting him in the head repeatedly, as this will stagger him and prevent him from shooting. A syringer rifle with the Lock Joint syringe or a Legendary weapon with the Freezing effect (if one uses a Crit from V.A.T.S.) can also be used to paralyze him.
  • Alternatively, taking Berry and Grape Mentats (or simply one or the other) may cause the raiders surrounding Sinjin to fire at the player character, but keep Sinjin from doing anything at all. This leaves the player free to, hopefully, give Sinjin a swift death while tanking rounds from his cohorts. Following Sinjin's death, Kent will NOT be directly targeted, however, Kent can still be killed in the crossfire while you are fighting Sinjin's gang.
  • There's a novice locked safe in the building Northy is waiting at.
  • After the quest finishes, Kent will stay in Milton General Hospital if he was saved and Hancock is the active companion. He can be pushed all the way to the elevator, then the player should activate the elevator and when the elevator arrives at the next level, Kent will walk back to Goodneighbor.
  • After completing the quest, the Silver Shroud radio will become inactive, except in the case below. When the last of the upgrades is received, the radio will no longer broadcast.
  • If Kent survives to the completion of the quest when in Goodneighbor, he will contact the player character and offer to upgrade the Silver Shroud costume to provide armor bonuses. He will do this a maximum of three times at character level 25, 35, and 45. The bonuses acquired each time is:
    • Shroud Costume: Reduces damage from humans by 15% - Agi: +1/Per: +1 / Wgt: 7
    • Lvl 25: 57 Ballistic, 57 Energy, 0 Radiation
    • Lvl 35: 70 Ballistic, 70 Energy, 0 Radiation
    • Lvl 45: 87 Ballistic, 87 Energy, 0 Radiation
  • If the player has killed Irma before the quest (more specifically, before returning to the Memory Den), the player will not be able to talk to her and the mission will appear incompletable. However, if the player go to the Milton's General Hospital, the quest will continue.
  • It is not required to place the Silver Shroud calling cards on the bodies of Smiling Kate, Northy and Sinjin.

Behind the scenesEdit

50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.The following is based on unverified behind the scenes information and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • While listening to the serial on the radio, Silver Shroud will mention that he has fought the Rogue's Gallery. The Rogue's Gallery is a term used for a police collection of pictures or photographs of criminals and suspects kept for identification purposes, often used in comic books to refer to the hero's collective enemies.
  • When Silver Shroud infiltrates the mobsters' hideout, one of the mobsters says "Holy Cannoli", famously said by Robin in the 1966 Batman TV series.
  • Both Kent and Wayne are the surnames of two well known comic book superheroes: Superman and Batman. (Kent is also the first name of The Shadow's alter ego: Kent Allard.)
  • The plot is similar to the 1999 cult classic film, The Boondock Saints, about twin brothers who become vigilantes and kill prominent members of Boston's underworld.
50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.End of information based on unverified behind the scenes information.


  • pcIcon pc On rare occasions the quest dialogue with Kent will not start. It was fixed by going to Hotel Rexford and sleep for a night.[verification overdue]
  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone On rare occasions, the quest will stop progressing after you have killed AJ. Your next objective is to listen to the Silver Shroud radio in Goodneighbor, but the radio will only broadcast the regular episodes. This problem can be fixed by locating and killing Kendra yourself. She will be non-hostile even if all the raiders in the building have been killed. You can talk to her, and she will become hostile after that.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc After killing Kendra, if you move her body by holding E, the option to leave the Silver Shroud calling card will bug out. You can move forward with the console command SetStage 00027556 599.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Hancock will stop the progression of the quest with a Deal with Bobbi loop if the player character spared or killed Bobbi after The Big Dig quest and refused Hancock to be a companion on "Meet with Hancock as the Shroud". This can be fixed by adding Hancock as a companion, and then talking to him as the companion.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc Entering the hospital with Targeting HUD enabled may cause the raiders to execute him instantly, failing that part of the quest. Unequipping the modded helmet until Kent is safe will avert the issue while allowing the use of other power armor throughout the hospital.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone After saving Kent from Sinjin, he may become stuck in the hospital in the same location he was held prisoner. Speaking to Kent about the upgrades before he returns to Goodneighbor is a possible cause. Kent will still upgrade the armor after his radio broadcast airs, but the player character will have to fight through whatever spawns in the hospital to get to him. A possible fix is pushing him into the elevator (crouching makes pushing him to go a lot faster) and then going up a floor (though just leaving him there might also work). He'll walk himself back to Goodneighbor after that, meeting the player character along with Hancock.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone The player may not be able to trigger the quest dialogue with Hancock if he is an available companion. A possible fix is to make Hancock the active companion and equip the Silver Shroud outfit. Quest dialogue starts after using "Talk" choice. Using console command setstage ms04 700 can skip the dialogue, too.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 "Search body for clues" may not check off after searching Northy's body leaving the player character with a quest blip over his body. However, the player character may progress through the rest of the quest regardless no harm done.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone The nurse robots may still spawn in Milton General Hospital when going to save Kent, causing Senjin to kill him before the player character gets to them. Due to the slow speed of the elevators, especially the one right before the boss room, it's impossible to reach him quick enough if this is triggered.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 After killing Kendra (and optionally Shelly) one will be tasked with listening to Silver Shroud Radio for an update. It's possible that this update won't actually play, and the quest will be perpetually stuck. Use the console command setstage MS04 600 without the quotes to advance to the stage immediately after hearing the broadcast, which is to meet with Hancock.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone If one can't finish the quest by talking to Hancock after having killed Sinjin, use the console command setstage MS04 1400.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc After killing Wayne Delancy and leaving the calling card on his corpse, Kent may not inform the player character of the next target over the radio and the quest objective will not change from "Listen to Silver Shroud radio." This can be fixed by finding AJ and killing him. This causes the quest to continue as normal.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc Upon entering the hospital Kent is killed instantly. This may be prevented if the player leaves their power armor prior to entering. The explanation is that this is a known bug in which the targeting HUD, if installed in power armor helmets, will turn some neutral mobs hostile, including Sinjin's bodyguards.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Kent may be killed while the player fights their way through the hospital before reaching Sinjin, usually after the second elevator ride. A possible trigger may be having cleared out Milton General Hospital prior to starting this quest.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc Picking up the holotape off Northy's body and trying to listen to it while still in combat will cause the 'You cannot use this in combat' message to appear and the 'Search the body for clues' marker to now follow the player until the quest is finished.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc After speaking to Irma about Kent's kidnapping, the objective will update to "Listen to Silver Shroud station." This objective disappears after you save and reload, even if you have not yet completed it.[verification overdue]